Career Counselor and Life Coach New York

Hi, I’m Marie. I provide quality trainings, workshops, and 1:1 coaching to young professionals seeking to change the world. I coach on the soft skills – communication, leadership, critical thinking and a range of topics that aide in building a career, starting a business, and achieving your dream life.  The world deserves the best you.  Believe it.  You are a high tide and I’m here to help.

The High Tides Mission

To inspire and educate those who think they can’t, coach new leaders to experience what they can, and build wealth and lasting legacies for generations that will be.

A high tide lifts all ships.

Feedback: If you have suggestions for how or what I can do to make my services better, let me know.  Leave a comment or idea on the blog, or reach out directly via email.  Feedback is a gift, and I will take as much as I can get.

I’ve Worked With: