a high tide lifts all ships

high tides consulting

because where you work should nurture who you are.

Our Mission

Magnifying the voices and agency of women and minorities in corporate and entrepreneurial spaces to further the economic progress of marginalized communities

Our Values

  • Sankofa
  • Abundance for All
  • Clear Committed Community
  • Wholly Nourished

Our Approach

High Tides work is supported by a consortium of professional coaches and facilitators who are trained in the HR, DEIB, organizational psychology and  communication to bring the highest level of talent to every coaching experience. Producers with experience in community engagement, event planning and instructional design enhance learning.

Our Services


Intentional Company Culture Learning Experiences

  • Coaching Clinic for Managers
  • Effective Sponsorship
  • Embodied Leadership
  • Executive Presence
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Mission, Vision and Values
  • Personal Branding and Influence
  • Psychological Safety
  • Transparent Decision Making
  • Womxn in Leadership

Group Coaching and Facilitation

  • Affinity / ERG Group Moderation
  • Authorship and Authority
  • Business Planning
  • Career Self Advocacy
  • Communication in the Workplace
  • Communities of Practice
  • Effective Sponsorship
  • Leadership Brand
  • Manager Essentials
  • Team Values and Vision
  • Strategic Planning

Keynotes and Motivational Talks

  • Being a Shining Light
  • Money Mindset and Value
  • Protecting your Energy

Executive Coaching Hours

  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Executive Presence
  • Entrepreneur Transitions
  • Small Business Development
  • Life and Leadership Purpose

About Us

High Tides is founded by Marie Deveaux, an executive and leadership coach. Marie had a 15 year career in education management, is a licensed investment advisor, a real estate investor and a 3-time business owner. 

High Tides provides leadership training, professional development and personal coaching to magnify the voices of women and ethnic minorities in corporate and entrepreneurial spaces.

High Tides is the  only coaching company that focuses on the nuance of conversation to fundamentally shift how leaders evolve in work spaces to embody company culture. Our strategy leverages an ontological approach to training and development. We believe that the transformation of the leaders is what transforms the culture and fabric of any work space. 

We are  committed to co-creating results that specifically meet the needs and context of current work and life conversations for each person. We do this leveraging tools and ideas  from emotional intelligence frameworks, effective communication skills, inclusive leadership, and positive psychology.

Wow, you were such a PHENOMENAL facilitator. I really got a lot out of that workshop. I was learning and cackling the whole time! You are the definition of faBOOSH. Hope to cross paths again in the future.

Sam B

Personal Branding & Influence Workshop, 305 Fitness

Great session. Very engaging and really one of the best virtual trainings I’ve attended. Practical, interactive, thought-provoking. Thanks again!
Workshop Participant

Transparent Decision Making Workshop, Politico

This session has now become a vital part of our guide in planning over the next few months, 1 year to 3 to 5 year markers as well.

Adiagha M

Core Values and Vision Worksop, Rocketship Public Schools


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