Side Hustle to Main Squeeze Intensive

With Marie Deveaux

Trying to shake your corporate habit, but afraid of the entrepreneur life? 

Worried about finances, branding, and where the customers will come from? 

Loving that side hustle, but wishing you had more time to make it grow? 

The Side Hustle to Main Squeeze™ Intensive is for you.

This interactive, 8 week group coaching program helps corporate climbers, not so startving artists, and timid solopreneurs put together a 9-5 exit plan, while increasing their business income and reach.

Limited seats available for the right group of motivated business owners!

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Side Hustle to Main Squeeze contains everything you could want to know about building a business to replace your corporate 9-5.


The money quesion is a huge barrier. Learn how to take control of your finances and set realistic and reachable goals.


Getting the business idea is the easy part. What happens when you need help? Tap into existing support networks, and find fresh resources to support growth.


Imposter syndrome? We've all been there. Learn how to reclaim your unique skillset, and pitch it perfectly every time.


Need to market your business when you still work a full time job? Leverage your network to get the word out early and often.


Finally figure out how to stop living hand to mouth, and create sustainable systems for your business, and your life, so you can thrive.


You can do anything if time is unlimited, but what about when it's your scarcest resource? Plan for success like a boss.

"Marie was able to speak about financial literacy in an engaging way. She was also able to explain things that I did not understand and was very patient. She definitely knows what she is talking about and I would recommend her to anyone interested in learning what financial resources are available to them. " Jennaye - Student Advisor

"This workshop was an EXCELLENT experience. I was stretched beyond my comfort zone and learned so much that I can put into practice TODAY. "

Kim - Therapist

"It is so difficult for me to briefly summarize who I am and what I do. Marie found a great way to break down what could feel like nerve-wracking moment into a quick answer in 60-seconds or less. "

Meredith - Business Owner

A Program With You In Mind

The Side Hustle to Main Squeeze Intensive was designed to get people unstuck. Whether you are a new solopreneur terrified of not getting paid, a creative working 3 other hustles to make ends meet, or a corporate vet trying to imagine life without a 9-5. This program is what you have been looking for. 



Coaching Based On Experience

This program is a collection of learnings from my working in real estate, financial advising, learning and development, communication, and operations. The tools and resources provided are those I use myself, and offer to 1:1 clients to meet life and career goals.

A Word From Me

"There is great liberation in knowing what you are willing to give up in order to achive your goals. So much of who we are is defined not just in what we say yes to, but in what we say no to. This program is all about finding your power to say no to how you have been doing things, and say yes (confidently) to a new chapter in your career."

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Why wait? There are limited seats in this program on purpose, to make sure each participant is getting the individualized attention they need. If you are ready to kick your hustle into high gear, and finally and definitively say "I quit" to whatever is holding you back, take care of this now.