Build The Business Of Your Dreams


(All while getting your money right, getting clear on your value, and building sustainable systems to support you at every step of the way)

You have always been a success

If you are a successful Black professional woman, with amazing consulting and coaching chops looking to grow your side hustle and be a role model in your community, you already know you need a rock solid corporate exit plan so that you can focus on your business.


No time for side stepping

  • It’s no secret that most small businesses fail within the first five years.
  • And you know, just like I do, that access to capital is still a huge concern for Black owned businesses who find themselves struggling to get noticed by creditors.
  • And yet, Black women are still grossly underestimated. It’s no secret that Black women are the fastest growing demographic for new business ownership in the US, with African American women owned firms growing by 164% since 2007 (Source: Minority Business Development Agency CNBC.com)

If We Really Investigate, You May Find

Even if you have been an expert in your field for years, taking the time to get crystal clear on your corporate exit strategy can help you to:


It’s one thing to set a company vision. When you are clear on your core beliefs, you get to see how your life experiences add to your unique business value. Suddenly pitching your business and identifying your ideal clients is a breeze. It’s a good feeling knowing you are the perfect solution to your ideal client’s challenges.


Once you take inventory of your financial position including your net worth, you can be intentional about what you want to create with your personal and business finances. Aligning your personal budget with your business revenue, and knowing what to expect as a consistent salary gives you more than peace of mind. You get to ask for a raise and then actually give it. . . to yourself.


Knowing your strengths is one thing, but knowing where you will need support is another. You don’t want to wait till a problem arises in your business to know who to call for help. Lining up a team of experts to support your business means you get to support other small businesses in your community too. Through collaboration you not only serve clients, you serve your local economy. What’s next, sponsoring a soccer team?


With complete control over your time, you get to decide what gets done, what gets delegated and what gets deleted. You are a master of your own schedule and have systems in place so that burnout is not even a possibility. You have it all mapped out, right down to family vacations and 8+ massages a year. Life (and business) really is a dream.



Where Do You Begin?

You did some googling and read a few articles about starting your business. You ordered a few books online and have been reading them on your morning and evening commute. You even started a new folder where you jot down your business ideas and have a checklist for incorporating that you have been making your way through.

Just need a great name for that LLC . . . And then you had that big project at work so you paused on the checklist. A few weeks go by and you find yourself too tired to read on your commute. Soon you can’t seem to find your place in that business book anymore.

You’re still passionate about your business and are hustling to keep up with the clients you have now. A month goes by, and then a season, a year.

You got promoted at work, (yay, more money) but now you have even less time to think about your projects. I mean, life is good, it’s just not really about your business . . .nearly at all. You looked at taking a bootcamp style course, but it was too much too fast and now you feel more overwhelmed than before.

Here’s why most people never make their business dreams a reality

Without a clear guide to transition from corporate employee to business owner, most side hustlers are repeatedly overwhelmed by the demands of their job over the dream of their business.

They waste time reading outdated resources, overthinking on the minutest of details, and find themselves with a to do list that exceeds their waking hours.

Here’s what makes this so devastating

As an already high performing professional with a side business and financial responsibilities to tend to, your time is one of your most valuable resources.

You know how to execute and have a better work ethic than most, but having so many false starts on your business means you can never get the momentum you need to leave your full time job.

Lucky for you that successful and sustainable business ownership is reserved for the top 3% of those who attempt it. And with your track record, all you have to do is decide how fast you want to transition.

You can still make your business dreams come true . . . as long as you avoid the pitfalls that the other 97% of small businesses fall into.


The 4 Myths Killing Your Small Business



You are an overachiever. You would have to be. Why else would you have a successful career and another business on the side?

But the crazy part is that you have always been that person who raised her hand first, stayed the latest, and studied the hardest. It’s part of why you are so successful today.

But starting a business? I get it. No one was teaching entrepreneurship in school when we were coming up. And with people getting 4 year degrees in business, it’s easy to think that you need special training to do this thing.

AND the reason you have been so successful in life is because you put in the time and effort to figure new things out. You can do the same thing with your business. But you have to start.

I can think of something worse than failing at business: the regret of not trying when you had the chance. The challenge isn’t in running the business. The challenge is in trusting yourself to run the business.



People who start businesses don’t have any more resources than the rest of us. Well, maye some of them have more money or a tighter network. But the thing about time is that everyone gets the same 168 hours a week, no matter how wealthy they are or how well connected.

There’s no such thing as a time disadvantage. The reason you feel the pressure of your schedule is because you are responsible. You have chosen a life where the way you spend your time matters to you and to those you care about.

The way people spend their time demonstrates what they care about and what they believe. If you don’t have enough time to do something, the question is really, what do you value enough to spend your time on?

Without any clarity around our values, it’s impossible to set boundaries around our time. It’s a life without any priorities. But when you can get your core values to align with where your time is going every week, the idea of wasting time becomes obsolete. You are either spending time, or investing time. What value are you investing in with your business?




I get it. You have been working for a paycheck for so long, the idea of having to start fresh seems close to impossible. But when you think about how much money you need to go full time, what number comes to mind?

Is it $1000? $10,000? $50,000?

If you’re like most people you probably aren’t’ sure exactly how much you need. I worked as a financial advisor for 7 years and the one constant was that people were completely paralyzed by how much they didn’t know.

If you were told to get good grades, got to college, and get a good job (who wasn’?t) you probably don’t have a lot of experience with financial forecasting.

It’s time to stop guessing and start knowing. When you know your number, you can actually do something about it.




Life is crazy right now. And life was crazy 6 months ago. Life will probably be a version of crazy 6 months from now too.

But, you like the fullness of your life, otherwise you wouldn’t have designed it this way right? The thing about being the CEO of your life is you get to decide what you want to spend your time on. And if something is not working you can throw it out.

Entrepreneurship is the same way. You get to decide what you want to spend time on and how you want to build your business. The reason there are so many gurus out there telling you that they “figured it out” is because they all did. They figured out what works for them. Now, all you have to do is figure out what works for you.

Stop taking in all the noise, and filter out the messages that speak specifically to you, and suddenly you’ll have it all “figured out” too.


The market is saturated with Black owned businesses who are ready to make a difference.

But even though anyone can start a business, only the top 3% are able to create a SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS that stands the test of time.

The difference between those that make it and those that don’t? You already know. A rock solid plan that you can adapt to not just your business, but your life. Custom fit.

With that type of guidance you can see your way through to being that role model of service to your community all while building financial legacy for generations to come.

All you need is just the right transition strategy to bridge the gap to go from employee to CEO.

If you’ll allow me, that’s what I would love to show you how to do.


The Only Self-Paced Guide for Quitting Corporate and Scaling your Side Hustle


(without financial fear, emotional stress, or complete overwhelm)

I have taken all of my knowledge from working in business operations for 15 years, and as financial advisor for 7 years and broken it down into bite sized implementable steps. I paired that with all of the systems and tools I have built running my own coaching and consulting practice and tied it all up in a bow for you.



Yes, you’ll get a comprehensive checklist of what to do to grow your business, but more critical are the systems you will need to implement in your business and your life to make sure that running your new business is sustainable so that you have staying power beyond the critical 5 year mark.

THE RESULT: A living asset that not only serves you and your family’s desire for time and financial freedom, but serves your community for years to come.



This program has filtered out all of the guru talk. The lessons in Side Hustle Lite are teed up with short tutorial videos and then the majority of the course is in the templates and guides to start crafting your plan your way. This is SHOW and TELL, + a whole lot of DO.


I know that money is a primary concern for everyone when it comes to thinking about their occupation. That’s why nearly 40% of this course is dedicated to financial wellness and strategies for increasing your net worth and sourcing capital for your business. It’s a full money makeover.


If you are doubting whether you have the skills to pull this off, the second largest part of this course is the branding and identity work. We do a full inventory of the skills you have and then show you exactly how to build out your team (on any budget) so that you are fully supported on all sides.


Time is of the essence for all of us, which is why I have included time management tools and strategies that pull directly from my schedule (daily, weekly and quarterly) as a business owner. Getting a handle on your time means that you run the day instead of your day running you.


Most people think that starting a business is hard. They wear themselves out “grinding” to creating stress, strain and urgency, sacrificing themselves for their business. But the secret to sustainable business lies within you and your capacity for self compassion. That’s why I created the Me FIRST method for business transitions.


Get Your Money Right and eliminate scarcity mindset


Get clear on who you serve and how to attract your perfect clients. No more imposter syndrome.



Create a power network of supportive expertise and community. Hello entrepreneur tribe.



Find out what you don’t know and fill the gaps with ease. Get your level up.



Reclaim your time and your energy, so burnout is no longer the norm. Thrive. Rest. Rinse. Repeat.



6 Modules. Killer Bonuses. Live Coaching & You.

Module 1

Get Your Money Right

Because money is the number one fear that holds most Side Hustlers back from stepping into their full time dreams, we start our journey here.

You’ll finally get to take a hard look at your current spending habits and what you actually need to survive financially by looking at your personal financial situation. There’s no hiding from it anymore.

In this section we take a look at your spending habits, debt to income position and craft the savings plans that will put you on your way to dumping your day job for good.


  • Audit your current income and savings patterns.
  • Understand your net worth position and create a strategy for how to change it for the better.
  • Set time bound goals for accumulating the funds you need to quit your job using my F* You Fund calculator tool.
  • Assess your debt and craft a personalized pay off plan with the Debt Payoff calculator


Module 2

Strictly Business

After we get you clear on your personal financial needs we can reverse engineer your business financial goals.

Here you’ll dig into your minimum salary requirements and how that plays into business revenue and sales activities.

As you start to understand your needs, we start to investigate how that breaks down to your product and services, and the prices that you will want to command for each.


  • Learn to create and manage an Operating Budget (Profit and Loss Statement) to begin forecasting your business revenue.
  • Set goals for creating profit margin, account for tax liability and salary goals with the salary calculator tools.
  • Create a monthly system for tracking your business budget against the actual activity so you can stay on track for growth each month, quarter and year.

Module 3


Now that you have your financial projections out of the way and are clear on the financial goals, we take a deep dive into your product and service offerings.

This is where we begin to play with what you offer and how you offer it to make sure that what your clients want matches your offerings, and that the price points align and are realistic with the projections you created in Module 3.

This is where you really start to see how critical the budget is as you think through business feasibility.


  • Revisit your resume and get a clear understanding of what makes you unique in the marketplace with the Resume+ Memory Jogger and audit
  • Customize your client experience by following my Awesome Avatars exercise to define your ideal client and the services that they most need.
  • Recalculate your hourly rates using my Value Proposition Matrix to check in on if your pricing matches the value you are providing
  • Optimize your online presence with a LinkedIn 12 step tutorial
  • Learn to master your unique sales proposition with my 3 Step formula for creating the perfect pitch

Module 4


This module is all about getting supported. Now that you have a clear sense of your brand, ideal client and service solutions, you can start to assess how you are going to serve your clients best.

In the Reinforcements section you take full inventory of your network and begin to recruit for the high level professionals that will support your business.

This is why we have to do the identity work first, because your clientele and offerings may dictate the types of expertise that will best support your business. Legal counsel, Financial Planners, Accountants, oh my!

You will also start to think about your network in a new light as you introduce more people to your business.


  • Know all the right questions to ask in building your team of business experts
  • Tackle getting your friends and family on board with supporting your dream business and life
  • Start crafting your tools for gathering testimonials and creating raving fans to continue building on positive brand messaging.

Module 5

Skills to Pay the Bills

Once you have your team of professionals on board, it’s time to look at the internal support that you will need to operate the business.

In module 4 we covered the legal, financial, and marketing people you need on deck but now we take a look at the everyday admin support that will make running your business sustainable.

This is where you get to decide what you want to do, need to do and will gladly delegate others to do so that you can not only conserve time and energy, but also optimize your money making hours as well.


  • Assess your current skills and align them to necessary business owner skill sets with Skillsfinder Assessment
  • Dig into different strategies for filling your skills gaps and how to fund ongoing growth at any budget.
  • Dig into hiring support for key business skills and strategize how to build your most well rounded team.

Module 6

Ritual and Self Care

Building on the clarity of module 5 and how to balance your strengths and growth areas with those around you, you now structure your day to meet your ideals.

This is where we dig into the practices that have served you and start to eliminate and modify those that don’t.

In this module we get realigned with the vision you started with and armed with your detailed plans take a look at how to implement your big picture vision in repeatable cycles so you can optimize your energy and avoid burnout as a business owner.


  • Create the Schedule of your dreams so you never go back to wasting your time
  • Understand your golden hour and dive into energy giving tasks every day to keep you going
  • Create new habits for daily, weekly and quarterly planning so you and your business never miss a beat
  • Access your deepest intuition with a meditative practice and exercise for communing with your highest self

+ Side Hustle Expert Interview Bonus Bundle

In addition to the resources included in the 6 modules in the Side Hustle course, I have bundled together the bonus lectures from experts who have contributed to the course over the years. This includes tips from a LinkedIn optimization expert, an automation specialist, an Intellectual property attorney and a marketing strategist. Not to mention an exclusive interview with a founding Side Hustler and my own bonus 7th module about quarterly planning for your business.

+ Access to Side Hustle Slack Community

Stop living in your head and struggling alone. This private community is full of current and past hustlers who have completed or are completing their own Hustle map to grow their small businesses – a sisterhood of bosses for life. Share your wins, learn from others and be a part of a thriving tribe.

+ 8 weeks of live coaching and Q&A

Not everyone has the time and space for private one-on-one coaching, but with these live sessions on Zoom you can still get personalized attention to have your questions answered and push past your mental blocks. Can’t join live? Return to the community at any time to review the replays in the archive.


Plus You Are Covered By A Risk Free 28-Day Money Back Guarantee

Side Hustle Lite is designed for the busy side hustler who is tired of figuring out what to do first and when to do it. It’s why when you enroll you get access to the entire video guide, so you can quit corporate and scale your hustle without the fear, stress and overwhelm. Your success is our success. It’s why the exercises are so detailed and why there is so much Q&A time with Marie built into the program.

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, but we also want you to give your best effort to apply all of the strategies in the course. The Company provides a Risk Free 28-day Money Back Guarantee for the Program.

After 28 days into the course, you will have access to all of the tools behind the ME FIRST methodology and all of the calculators and resources to plan for increased net worth, business operation budget, setting your CEO salary, and planning your exit strategy to plan a viable exit date from your full time job, as well as the ramp up of your small business. That’s all in the first 2 modules of the Program.

That means that if you have done the work, you should be able to see a realistic timeline for your exit from corporate and be planning your business’ financial growth as well. If for any reason by your 28th day in the program if you are not feeling confident about your timelines for your strategy, or supported to continue the next steps, reach out to me at hello@mariedeveaux.com and I will refund your full investment.

Full Detail Here>>



This workshop was an EXCELLENT experience. I was stretched beyond my comfort zone and learned so much that I can put into practice TODAY.



It’s the smack in your face with a kiss of comfort to get you feeling stronger and wiser about all your business needs. Necessary for all women in business to be a part of.

Mary - Lifestyle Consultant

Purple Keys Styles

I’m not stressed about money anymore. Marie, you’re a lifesaver. Seriously, I feel in control and inspired about saving; like I have an emerging P&L… and it makes sense.

Dr. Amante

CEO, Disruptive Equity Education Project

Enroll now and you get:

  • 6 Implementation modules showing you how to assess your current business and plan to close skill gaps and fill revenue holes

  • Complete step by step Hustle Map, Pre-Intensive Check-In Questionnaire, and Main Squeeze Checklist so you can chart your progress towards your personal goals as the CFO, CMO, COO, and CEO of your business

  • Operating Budget, Debt Payoff, and Salary financial calculators to predict the cash flow of your business at all stages of development

  • Expert communication strategies for defining your niche, representing your brand, and using the power of influence to attract raving fans


Plus These Bonuses to Help You Gain Momentum, Support, and Community All The Way Through Your Business Building Success

  • Bonus 1: Side Hustler’s Interview Bundle Get the bonus lectures from experts who have contributed to the course over the years. LinkedIn, marketing automation, IP law, marketing strategy and a bonus lecture on 90 day planning! (Value $99)

  • Bonus 2: Private Slack Group Get Private community to network and engage with other business owners (Value $500)

  • Bonus 3: 8 Weeks of Live Coaching and Q&A Marie will be going live every week in the private group to answer your questions about growing your business and using the tools to your advantage (Value $1600)

When You Add It All Up, That’s a Total Real World Value of $4196

But I am so excited to offer you this new revised and accelerated version of the Side Hustle program that you can enroll TODAY for just:

What The Most Savvy Students Ask before enrolling in the Side Hustle family

I am really strapped for cash right now. Is this program going to help me make extra money?

Answer: Most people are completely overwhelmed with financial responsibilities right now as the country heads for a recession and many are out of work. This is an ideal time to be of service to others. If you have a product or service that you believe genuinely helps people, now is the right time to take your place in the marketplace. The Side Hustle program leverages the ME FIRST framework to dig into finances so that you can 1) get clear on your personal financial situation so you can know what steps to take to change it and 2) help you build a financial strategy and marketing plan to best serve your clients. If you don’t offer a service that solves a real need in the marketplace then no, you should not invest in this program. If you are passionate about helping people and are excited to get clear on your finances and designing action steps in your business that support that, then this is the perfect program and perfect time to help you grow your business. This is where you can practice serving abundantly, and receiving abundantly too.

How long is the program? What are the start and end dates?

Answer: This is the first time that this content is being offered in this format. The traditional version of the Side Hustle is the 12 week Intensive program that includes weekly group coaching calls with Marie and live interviews with industry experts. It’s a lot. In the Lite version of this program, you get all of the Hustler content plus the flexibility to go as fast as you want. As soon as you register you have immediate access to all 6 modules and the bonus content to support you as you need it. It starts and ends according to your schedule and needs.

This sounds like a lot and I already have a ton going on. How much time do I need each week to work on this program and implement the modules?

Answer: Being able to own and manage your time is one of my favorite things about entrepreneurship. Your study time may vary. Past participants reported spending 2-4 hours weekly over the course of 12 weeks to review and implement the strategies in this program (about 24-48 hours). Because the Lite program is self-paced, you may find that you can complete everything in 3-4 weeks, or instead, spend more time implementing and integrating your learning over a longer period of time (6 months +). Participation in the Private Facebook group is optional and according to your need. You get to go at your own pace while having all of the resources you need at your fingertips.

I can get all of this information on the internet somewhere. I've got tons of small business checklists that I am working through. What makes this program any different?

Answer: Most public resources on starting a business take you through the logistics of filing with the state and handling paperwork. And of course you could score endless blogs to figure out the finances, marketing and sales, and putting together your daily and weekly routines. But with the Lite program, I’ve curated all of those resources for you and more. Together we focus on the internal structures you will need to create in order to run your business, beyond entity formation. I of course am there to guide you if you need support with some of your initial set up logistics, but it’s not the formation documents that cause 97% of businesses to fail in 5 years or less. Together we focus on the daily operations and tasks that you as an owner are personally responsible for so that you can create a sustainable and working business for years to come. This is a program that teaches business, and coaches entrepreneurial leadership at the same time. Remember, the ME FIRST method is all about making sure you are prepared to lead and run the business beyond the paperwork.

Who is teaching this program and how are they any better qualified than every other business coach out there?

Answer: It’s Me! I’m Marie Deveaux, a certified Own the Room Communications coach, and Mind Gym Master Certified workshop facilitator. I hold a Masters degree in Management and Non- profit administration and have over 10 years of corporate experience in professional development, and business operations. I am also a licensed investment advisor. I trained in life and executive coaching with the International Coach Federation accredited program, Accomplishment Coaching. Past professional lives include a real estate investor, former franchise operations field director, and 3 time business owner. There aren’t many types of businesses that I have not experienced firsthand. Not a guru. I’m a coach with a lot of knowledge on how to run businesses and the chops to teach it to others really well. You can read more about me and my qualifications and experience, by visiting the About page on mariedeveaux.com

How will I access the Q&A sessions?

Answer: You will be invited to the private Q & A sessions via the Private Facebook Group. You will be asked to verify the email address you used to register for the program in order to verify your identity. A schedule of all Q&A sessions will be posted within the Facebook Group.

What if I sign up and I don’t get the results that I want?

Answer: The Side Hustle Intensive is backed by a 28-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you aren’t getting results within 28 days, just reach out to me and will process your refund. You can read the full details of this policy here

What do I get when I sign up today?

Answer: When you enroll today, you get access to all 6 modules in the ME FIRST framework immediately. You also receive the Bonus Interview pack with various small business industry experts, a tutorial on 90 day planning and an interview with founding Hustler student, Darnisa Amante to see how this Framework can support your business long term. You also get immediate access to the Private Facebook group where you will be able to access weekly live Q&A sessions and connect with me directly.

Still Debating?

Side Hustle Lite is Right for you if…

  • You’ve been successful at everything you have attempted (academics, career, love, family) and are looking for your next challenge
  • You are just getting started with small business and want to create a solid foundation
  • You have been side hustling for a while and are tired of the burnout cycle of not having your systems in place
  • You have a computer, a smart phone and a willingness to learn without the pressure of strict schedule
  • You are ready to take action on clear steps to build your business and serve your community in a big way
  • You would love to carve out 5 hours a week or more to build your business
  • You are ready to get over your money mindset blocks and embrace your relationship with creating wealth and value without stress and emotional overwhelm
  • Believe that you have a unique gift and responsibility to share it with the world.
  • You know you can quit corporate and are excited to do it in a responsible way
  • You are ready to start building wealth with your business and create legacy beyond your job
If you are nodding your head in agreement to at least 7 of the 10 items above, then I can’t wait to see you inside Side Hustle Lite


“It is so difficult for me to briefly summarize who I am and what I do. Marie found a great way to break down what could feel like nerve-wracking moment into a quick answer in 60-seconds or less. “

Meredith L

Owner, Thought Bubble Communications

This course helped me to understand my money challenges more. How to set up new ways of making money. Being a stronger and harder worker. Also it helped me acknowledge that I am not alone in becoming a successful entrepreneur. So many strong women are working on their goals as well. I am a piece to a greater plan and I love my part

Candace T

Chief Inspiration Officer, Connecting Creations

Side Hustle Lite INCLUDES:

  • Video Trainings Dynamic pre- recorded lectures and tutorials to build your business plan and guide your corporate exit strategy
  • Abundant Resources Excel workbooks, financial calculators, skill assessments and dozens of worksheets for mapping your business top to bottom
  • Bonus: Expert Interview Bundle Get the scoop on legal protections, marketing must haves and quarterly planning business hacks (Value $99)
  • Bonus: Private Slack Group (Value $500)
  • Bonus: Live Coaching calls weekly with Marie twice a week to dig in on all of your business building questions (Value $1600)

Get on this insanely good deal, so you can uplevel your shelter-in and be the Boss of your dreams.


Apply now for Facilitator Certification: Cohort 3 starts in 2024