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I am a 3rd generation entrepreneur, a life long wealth builder, and a perpetual dream chaser. From creative real estate to social work, I have dabbled in a little bit of everything in my own path to self discovery. I have worked in training, personal development, and education for over 10 years. My passion is helping others find their wave, and then exceed even their own expectations.

Marie Deveaux


Stuff I’m super proud I did

Led over 4 dozen leadership and communication workshops at some really cool finance, tech, and non profit firms
Individually coached over 120 executives overcome barriers to success
Created leadership training programs for first time managers
Incorporated and owned 3 businesses
Designed and led a management study group for career transitioners and entrepreneurs
Managed 23 franchise locations across 3 states
Crafted an operations quality assessment rubric for a network of 3 dozen sites
Had 2 awesome kids!

Here’s the CV
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The greatest gift you can give to the world is your best self

I grew up in California attending communications magnet schools. My studies as a master communicator continued at NYU as a creative writing major. Tired of being asked if I was going to be a teacher, I joined the Americorps program after college. There, I discovered a passion for education advocacy.

One thing was clear: The kids were not the problem. If the adults could just get their act together, kids wouldn’t be ditching class and getting into all sorts of mess. I decided to be one of the adults that had it together.

I continued my career studying how to get kids excited about learning. In 2006, I tested out my management skills at Score! Education Centers. I learned the value of positive reinforcement, and family communication.

From Kumon, I practiced and witnessed the principles of kaizen (continuous improvement) and micro lessons. I witnessed high levels of competency and self sufficiency in learners of all ages.


If you understand money life is easy, but if you don’t understand it, life can be very hard

In 2012 I began studying personal finance. I was a quick study, and began teaching what I learned to people in my immediate network.

At Success Academy Charter Schools, my team and I created the training program for the operations staff for what became 42 schools. My role expanded to creating development plans, and leading management training. While at Success, I also began coaching and training corporate clients with Own the Room. Suddenly I found myself steeped in the world of human performance improvement! I have had the pleasure to coach and train professionals at some amazing organizations including Facebook, Pandora, L’Oreal, Siemens, Laureate University, Live Rail, Omnetric Group, S&P Global, Prudential, Marsh & McClennan, ColorComm, Spotify, Big Spaceship, UBS and more.

Our Core Values are:


Seeds within us are waiting to be born.


We value collaboration over competition.


Like a band of superheroes we go further together.


We are supported by our roots and must show up whole in order to bear our fruits.

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I live in Brooklyn with my husband and our two awesome kids. When not out pushing others to be their best, I enjoy a good bowl of ice cream, dance parties with the kids, yoga, writing, and reading empowering non fiction.

Email me at hello@mariedeveaux.com

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