Today is election day. And I am nervous like I don’t know what. More nervous than having to speak in front of 100 people, or deliver a workshop to a group of hedge fund managers. I’m scared.


Making A Way Through

Because the last time there was this much on the line in in a political election, it crushed me.

There’s something weirdly traumatic about the relationships we have with our political systems.

We put a lot of ourselves, and our hopes and dreams (the American Dream) into the belief that this system, this process, is going to do right by us.

That the process is fair and transparent and good and honest, and has our best interests at heart.


And so we march to the polls and we stay vigilant and we have hope.

And time and again, it lets us down. It doesn’t work.

Corruption and earmarks line our politicians pockets.

And it would seem even the most earnest of candidates are turned by the system itself.

Youthful innocence and steadfast conviction turns to compromise and making it work, and getting along instead of making a change.

The trojan horses that we have sent become pawns for the very beast we are set to defeat.


But I can’t give up right? We can’t give up can we?

That would mean something far worse than the trauma of disappointment,

and lies,

and betrayal.

That would mean that all of it was a lie.

From the beginning. From the outset.

And yet, when we read the recounts of history,

and study how our laws came to be,

that premise is not so foreign.


Many of us live in a system that was never meant for us.

And we try time and again to amend that error,

to right the wrong that has been handed to us,

been fortified by generations.


And we stand up tall and we point our fingers and we yell out loud

“This is not right.”

“This system is not fair”

“This system is rigged, a conspiracy, a falsehood, a sham”.

And in return we are brushed aside and laughed away.

Crazy cooks, and conspiracy theorists who would dare to challenge the status quo.


There must be something better than this.

A way better than this.

Something less traumatizing and rife with grief and history and pain.

But the best way to get to the other side of anything is to go straight through.

And so here we are.

Forever going through it.

Hoping that each big Tuesday will bring us closer to the other side.


Happy Election Day.


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