Coaching with Marie


Team Coaching

Foster an inclusive work environment as your team grows.

Small Business

Planning and strategy to turn your side hustle into a small business.

Executive Coaching

Craft your leadership brand with intention, empowering others through your own example.

Public Speaking

Learn to communicate effectively to captivate your audience.

How can I help?

Who you are and what you do is directly related to the value you personally bring to the world. Beyond your role or title, you are valuable. In 1:1 coaching we work to uncover your unique values, and the vehicle that is best suited for you to communicate with the world. With a focus on public speaking, leadership, entrepreneurial projects and new businesses, I offer you powerful reflections so that your values come into crisp focus in how you live and work.

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interviewed for the Side Hustle Intensive]

Grow your Business

Land a Dream Job

Change your Career

Gain Clarity of Purpose

Corporate and Team Coaching

Starting a new business or growing an existing organization is rife with challenges. As you and your team learn to collaborate and build something together, there are bound to be some challenging conversations around how you are creating a nurturing work environment.


Candidates for Team Coaching with Marie are often asking themselves >>


So much of our lives are spent working. Because the workplace is an access point to transforming communities, the coaching done for teams focuses on seeing work through the lens of creating positive culture, psychological safety, inclusive work environments, and empowered team members.

Corporate and Team Coaching

What impact will our work leave on the world?
How well do we understand the needs of our client community?
What else can we do to nurture an environment where all feel encouraged and safe to speak up and collaborate?
How are we taking a stand for our values as an organization?

I’m Marie Deveaux

Founder, High Tides Consulting



I provide personal coaching and professional development workshops designed to magnify the voices and agency of women and people of color in business spaces. We at High Tides specialize in career transitions, entrepreneurial pursuits, leadership and communication skills.

How 1 on 1 Coaching Works

Step 1: Schedule your Complimentary Session

This is your time to see if we’re a good fit for each other. You will decide if what I do meets your needs to support greater fulfillment in your personal and professional goals and path. If it’s not a fit, I am happy to refer you to another coach who may be a better fit to you. If it is a fit, we move to Step 2.


Step 2: High Tides Assessment

After our initial chat, if you decide you would like to continue the conversation, I will send you a High Tides Assessment packet. The packet contains the parameters of our business relationship and a discovery questionnaire. You must complete your questionnaire prior to our first full length session together. Your first session is a 2 hour deep dive into your responses to the questionnaire where we will outline your key goals and intentions for our time together. Whenever possible your initial 2 hour session is an in-person meeting. Subsequent sessions will be one hour in length (50-60 minutes).

Step 3: Coaching Sessions

Subsequent coaching sessions are done by phone or virtual chat (Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom) when available. We will decide during your first session the duration and frequency of sessions that best suit your needs.

Designate a private space to receive my calls. Grab a pen and paper or other note-taking materials when we chat so you can write down any discoveries along the way. I recommend using your headphones if you’re connecting with your laptop. Earbuds or headphones are helpful for those who are connecting to audio with a telephone.

Depending on the number of sessions you have committed to, we will assess your goals and progress as appropriate.

Choose one of the Options below

Create a Vision Roadmap

Transform your Goals into Reality

During your Roadmap Planning Session, together we will:

  • Audit your Finances
  • Create a Vision for your Future
  • Survey your Skills to Pay the Bills
  • Setup your Resources and Reinforcements
  • Audit your Time and Self Management Routines
  • Plan your Roadmap Milestones to your Vision

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Magnify Your Impact

Complimentary Discovery Session

Let’s find out if now’s the time for you to jump into entrepreneurship.

If we’re a good fit, it would be my honor to support your transition.

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Empower Your Team

Request a Consultation

Let’s explore the goals you have for your current team and your organization.

Together we can create a plan that supports healthy team work culture.

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