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During your Roadmap Planning Session, together we will:

  • Audit your Finances
  • Create a Vision for your Future
  • Survey your Skills to Pay the Bills
  • Set up your Resources & Reinforcements
  • Audit your Time and Self Management Routines
  • Plan your Roadmap Milestones to your Vision

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Career Coaching Services

A career coach is a professional who helps clients reach their goals – landing a dream job, changing careers, growing a business, gaining clarity of purpose. Sometimes people are not clear what exactly they want. Coaching provides you with guidance to make decisions at various crossroads in life.  Because of my background, I focus on coaching entrepreneurs and those in career transitions (new promotion, new industry, career change).  This page is dedicated to the 1:1 coaching process. For details about group coaching please see the Side Hustle Intensive page and apply to be interviewed.

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Living your legacy is being mindful and aware of your gifts, and using them to add to the world around you.  It is a proactive lifestyle. You have the power to make lasting impact on the world. Candidates for legacy coaching often ask themselves: Whose life have I touched?  What impact could I have? What will speak for me when I’m gone? My purpose in life is to  ________?  Because so much of our lives our spent in the work/career space, much of the coaching done around legacy overlaps with career ambitions and goals.

Getting Started

IMage of cell phone with white ear buds as appears on mdeveauxstage.wpengine.com in explaining step one of the coaching process as a 30 minute chat.

Step 1: Complimentary Coaching Session

Get a free session. This is your time to see if we are a good fit for each other. You will decide if what I do meets your needs to support greater fulfillment in your personal professional goals and path. If it is not a fit, I am happy to refer you to another coach who may be a better fit to you.  If it is a fit, we move to step 2.

Step 2: High Tides Assessment

Notepad and pen as featured in the description of Marie Deveaux coaching process, step 2, assessment, as displayed on mariedeveax.com

After our initial chat, if you decide you would like to continue the conversation, I will send you a High Tides Assessment packet. The packet contains the parameters of our business relationship and a discovery questionnaire. You must complete your questionnaire prior to our first full length session together. Your first session is a 2 hour deep dive into your responses to the questionnaire where we will outline your key goals and intentions for our time together. Whenever possible, your initial 2 hour session is an in person meeting. Subsequent sessions will be one hour in length (50-60 minutes).

Step 3: Coaching Sessions

laptop, phone and pens and paper as displayed to describe step three of coaching process with Marie Deveaux: 1:1 sessions conducted via phone or computer chat/VC. As seen on mdeveauxstage.wpengine.com

Subsequent coaching sessions are done by phone or virtual chat (Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom) when available. We will decide during your first session the duration and frequency of sessions that best suit your needs.

Designate a private space to receive my calls. You will want to focus on the discussion free from distraction. Grab a pen and paper or other note taking materials when we chat so you can write down any discoveries along the way. I recommend you use headphones if you are connecting with your laptop. Earbuds or a headset are helpful for those connecting to audio with a telephone.

Depending on the number of sessions you have committed to, we will assess goals and progress as appropriate.


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