Transforming Goals Into Reality

What you’ll get out of the Roadmap Planning Sessions

  • Audit your Finances

  • Create a Vision for your Future

  • Survey your Skills to Pay the Bills

  • Set up your Resources & Reinforcements

  • Audit your Time and Self Management Routines

  • Plan your Roadmap Milestones to your Vision

Ready to transform your Goals to Reality?

Your Investment: Only $2200

Review Your Life

STEP 1: We spend some time reviewing how your talents and abilities have shown up for your current life results. We will examine all areas of your life in this session and distinguish the desires you have for each one.

This session may be anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours in duration.

Vision from the Future

STEP 2: Write your Vision from the Future – In this exercise you will write a one page (or longer) journal entry. It should be dated from the future when your project is fulfilled. What is life like from there? Focus on the results that have been produced, the way it feels and who you are being.

Receive Coaching

STEP 3: Schedule two additional 50-minute coaching sessions to receive coaching on your plan and progress it forward. Sessions scheduled at your own pace to provide space to implement action items and commitments revealed in each coaching session.

“I honestly really loved the Vision Roadmap. I felt like that session set me up. The questions that were there, the breaking everything down, giving me a play-by-play of where I wanted to be in 3 months was huge. I cannot express enough how much the Vision Roadmap really helped because not only was I able to see it for myself but I was able to show that to other people. That roadmap was everything for me – it was something I could go back to, it was tangible and became like my Bible almost.”

Sharon D, Entrepreneur Coach

“The Vision Roadmap was really invaluable! I came into the program not knowing what my focus was going to be or what my dream actually looks like, and giving myself the chance to… dream about this thing I’m trying to build and what my life looks like with this dream in it was really helpful. ”

Christa P, Artist

“Marie is able to hear your words, probe for clarity and then send them back to you in writing! She has this ability to help you clarify where you are and where you want to grow. I don’t know if people even realize, but that right there is gold.”

Rabiat O, Coach, Speaker

It’s time to transform your Vision into Reality

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