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Schedule your 1-hour Session with a High Tides Client Concierge

Why choose us?

That’s just it, you’re not choosing us. Not yet. We wouldn’t ask you to make a decision about partnership, without first getting a clear understanding of if we can help you and realistically help you and your team to achieve your goals.

At High Tides Consulting, we don’t just facilitate growth; we foster the transformation of your workplace into a vibrant, inclusive space where every voice is magnified, and every leader is empowered. Our goal is to provide your team with the tangible communication frameworks and practices that allow you to adapt to an ever changing environment, while making sure that all team members are seen, heard, and acknowledged along the way. We don’t just “do” workshops and talks, we create bespoke professional development learning programs that yield tangible results for team culture and engagement.

Schedule your 1-hour Session with a High Tides Client Concierge

Schedule your Intentional Company Culture Discovery Call

Of course, working with our team must start with a clarifying conversation. It’s more than a chat. It’s the first step towards a transformative journey for your team.

In our 60-minute tailored introductory advisory session, we’ll dive into:

  • Your Unique Story: What drives your company, and how your culture underpins your mission.
  • Tailored Support: Pinpointing the exact kind of coaching or learning programs that align with your goals.
  • Learning from the Past: Analyzing previous strategies to build a fail-proof plan moving forward.
  • Vision Crafting: Defining the ideal workplace culture and how we can bring it to life together.
  • Tangible Outcomes: Envisioning the impactful changes and growth you can expect while defining the metrics that will communicate your success to relevant stakeholders.
  • Our Expert Recommendations: Following your call, our team will draft a proposal of our recommendations. This detailed report will include a brief of the problem statement, our detailed recommendation of the learning plan that will help mediate the problem, a timeline for implementation and an investment table of all associated costs. Additional detail about our team, our methodology and relevant client references are also included in your proposal document.

Schedule your 1-hour Session with a High Tides Client Concierge

What some past clients have said:

Great information presented in an easy to understand style with some real life examples to drive the point home. I and my team will benefit from this greatly!

David G

I love the confidence the teacher has in the topic and it touches on all the core things that a good manager should know and practice.

Charlton T

The workshop was amazing! And helped me so much. I have my own businesses and am always meeting people. The techniques shared were so helpful.

Milan S

This workshop was an EXCELLENT experience. I was stretched beyond my comfort zone and learned so much that I can put into practice TODAY.

Kimberly G


Your journey to an intentional company culture is just a conversation away. Places are limited to ensure personalized service—book your session now.

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