A 12-week comprehensive business planning program to level up your side hustle and create the small business of your dreams.

By the end of this program you will:

  •  Finally learn to manage your personal budget and finances without headache

  •  Understand how to increase your net worth

  •  Create and learn how to interpret your business’ operating budget (Profit and Loss Statement)

  •  Perfect your elevator pitch for any situation


  •  Get clear on your unique value and the movement you stand for with your work


  •  Implement a time-bound strategy and financial plan to quit your 9-5
  •  Understand your ideal customer and what makes them so attracted to you

  •  Identify your business board of professional advisors to support your business from day one

  •  Learn strategies to manage your time and prioritize your self care and well being

  •  Join a community of like minded women of color ready to support your personal and professional growth


  • Strengthen your boundaries and empower new habits and routines to prevent burn out

97% of Businesses Fail in the First 5 Years

The PROBLEM: you’re already successful working for someone else. Splitting your time between maintaining your 9-5 and building your dream feels like a crazy tug of war for your time, energy and finances.

  • You’re confused about how to replace your current salary without slipping backwards into debt.

  • The idea of jumping with no solid client base has you unsure of your viability.

  • Your co-workers are drinking the kool-aid, and you’re starved for peers who understand entrepreneurship.

  • You’re smart but when it comes to business, you don’t know what you don’t know.

and . . .

There are more to dos than hours in the day to do them. HELLO OVERWHELM! Goodbye focused effort.

Time to get Clear and Confident

Combat overwhelm step by step, with the Me FIRST™ Framework


Get Your Money Right and eliminate scarcity mindset.


Get clear on who you serve and how to attract your perfect clients. No more impostor syndrome.


Create a power network of supportive expertise and community. Hello entrepreneur tribe.


Find out what you don’t know and fill the gaps with ease. Get your level up.


Reclaim your time and your energy, so burnout is no longer the norm. Thrive. Rest. Rinse. Repeat.

The Side Hustle Intensive is a unique hybrid of group coaching and accountability mixed with a business planning workshop to reveal how you can take your passionate side hustle and make it your full time income earner, even while executing a transition plan from your current full time employer. 


This class is not all about money or budgeting. It has been a series of empowering and healing conversations around self worth, self love and self transformation. I have a lot of clarity about who I want to work with as a client. I’ve had my first live online class, and 24 people signed up and showed up! I’m actually in business now! I just want to tell anybody who’s struggling, “Oh my G-d! you need to get on this class.” THANK YOU MARIE!


Luz Schreiber

Writing With Light Authorship Coach


I feel like by the end of the Side Hustle class everything feels integrated – it all came together really seamlessly, really beautifully for me. I actually didn’t expect how super-aligned I feel. Being vulnerable with myself, and finding my own voice, needs and boundaries has been empowering. I got a full-pay 4-month client! And I’m excited about my next steps. I’m really proud of myself and of where I am as a whole person. I don’t know if that could have happened without this class. It has been amazing!


Arielle Ortiz

i am simply Life Space Coach & Organizer

Hell, what it took for you to get me to look at my money stuff, honey, you have now crossed thresholds in your coaching! It’s been 12 weeks, and I’ve gained a lot that I can’t even quantify. I’m so happy and excited about how life has been unfolding, I’m pleased to see progress within myself, and you’re part of that, so thank you! With the Side Hustle Intensive, I feel like I have grown. Now I need to get me some Vegan Ben & Jerry’s to celebrate!

Shenell Evans

Chief Resilience Officer at DrShenell.com

Enroll now and you get:

Side Hustle Intensive

  • 8 Implementation modules showing you how to assess your current business and plan to close skill gaps and fill revenue holes


  • 6 Co-working Sessions to implement your business strategy and be supported in your goals


  • Complete step by step Hustle Map, Pre-Intensive Check-In Questionnaire, and Main Squeeze Checklist so you can chart your progress towards your personal goals as the CFO, CMO, COO, and CEO of your business


  • Weekly community accountability in our private Facebook group and Slack channel


  • Operating Budget, Debt Payoff, and Salary financial calculators to predict the cashflow of your business at all stages of development


  • Expert communication strategies for defining your niche, representing your brand, and using the power of influence to attract raving fans

When you join you get immediate access to Marie’s calendar to begin scheduling your bonus sessions.

The official program start date will be the week of 1/18/2021. From there you will access one module every week and participate in weekly group coaching calls with Marie for live Q&A. The program includes 3 flow weeks across the three month period to help you process, and put new learnings in place BEFORE moving on to the next step in the program. There are no group coaching calls during flow weeks.

Use flow weeks as an opportunity to ask questions and get feedback from your peers in the cohort, and 1:1 coaching from Marie and her team prior to moving on to any new material.

8 Implementation Modules Will Be
Released Over a 12-Week Period

8 Modules. Killer Bonuses. Live Coaching & You.

Module 0

Welcome – Visioning

We kick off our time together in the Welcome module getting acquainted with your vision for your business and for yourself. 

This is where we set your intentions, get clear on your three big goals and the milestones that you will reach over the course of the program.

In this module you will declare your vision and put the systems in place that will best hold you accountable to making it in the short term and long term. 


  • Redefine your company vision statements
  • Map out your 90 day plan complete with the milestones you will reach and the rewards you will receive along the way
  • Get acquainted with the ME First framework and schedule your first Bonus call to define your areas of focus
  • Map out your study days, group coaching calls and implementation days using the Hustle Map and All in One document so you can track your progress with the community
  • Connect with your Hustle Buddy accountability partner and create a support structure that works for you for the next 90 days

Module 1

Get Your Money Right

Because money is the number one fear that holds most Side Hustlers back from stepping into their full time dreams, we start our journey here.

You’ll finally get to take a hard look at your current spending habits and what you actually need to survive financially by looking at your personal financial situation. There’s no hiding from it anymore.

In this section we take a look at your spending habits, debt to income position and craft the savings plans that will put you on your way to dumping your day job for good.


  • Audit your current income and savings patterns.
  • Understand your net worth position and create a strategy for how to change it for the better.
  • Set time bound goals for accumulating the funds you need to quit your job using my F* You Fund calculator tool.
  • Assess your debt and craft a personalized pay off plan with the Debt Payoff calculator


Module 2

Strictly Business

After we get you clear on your personal financial needs we can reverse engineer your business financial goals.

Here you’ll dig into your minimum salary requirements and how that plays into business revenue and sales activities. 

As you start to understand your needs, we start to investigate how that breaks down to your product and services, and the prices that you will want to command for each.


  • Learn to create and manage an Operating Budget (Profit and Loss Statement) to begin forecasting your business revenue.
  • Set goals for creating profit margin, account for tax liability and salary goals with the salary calculator tools.
  • Create a monthly system for tracking your business budget against the actual activity so you can stay on track for growth each  month, quarter and year.

Module 3


Now that you have your financial projections out of the way and are clear on the financial goals, we take a deep dive into your product and service offerings.

This is where we begin to play with what you offer and how you offer it to make sure that what your clients want matches your offerings, and that the price points align and are realistic with the projections you created in Module 3.

This is where you really start to see how critical the budget is as you think through business feasibility.


  • Revisit your resume and get a clear understanding of what makes you unique in the marketplace with the Resume+ Memory Jogger and audit
  • Customize your client experience by following my Awesome Avatars exercise to define your ideal client and the services that they most need.
  • Recalculate your hourly rates using my Value Proposition Matrix to check in on if your pricing matches the value you are providing
  • Optimize your online presence with a LinkedIn 12 step tutorial
  • Learn to master your unique sales proposition with my 3 Step formula for creating the perfect pitch

Module 4


This module is all about getting supported. Now that you have a clear sense of your brand, ideal client and service solutions, you can start to assess how you are going to serve your clients best.

In the Reinforcements section you take full inventory of your network and begin to recruit for the high level professionals that will support your business.

This is why we have to do the identity work first, because your clientele and offerings may dictate the types of expertise that will best support your business.  Legal counsel, Financial Planners, Accountants, oh my!

You will also start to think about your network in a new light as you introduce more people to your business.


  • Know all the right questions to ask in building your team of business experts
  • Tackle getting your friends and family on board with supporting your dream business and life
  • Start crafting your tools for gathering testimonials and creating raving fans to continue building on positive brand messaging.

Module 5

Skills to Pay the Bills

Once you have your team of professionals on board, it’s time to look at the internal support that you will need to operate the business.

In module 4 we covered the legal, financial, and marketing people you need on deck but now we take a look at the everyday admin support that will make running your business sustainable.

This is where you get to decide what you want to do, need to do and will gladly delegate others to do so that you can not only conserve time and energy, but also optimize your money making hours as well.


  • Assess your current skills and align them to necessary business owner skill sets with Skillsfinder Assessment
  • Dig into different strategies for filling your skills gaps and how to fund ongoing growth at any budget.
  • Dig into hiring support for key business skills and strategize how to build your most well rounded team.

Module 6

Ritual and Self Care

Building on the clarity of module 5 and how to balance your strengths and growth areas with those around you, you now structure your day to meet your ideals.

This is where we dig into the practices that have served you and start to eliminate and modify those that don’t. 

In this module we get realigned with the vision you started with and armed with your detailed plans take a look at how to implement your big picture vision in repeatable cycles so you can optimize your energy and avoid burnout as a business owner.


  • Create the Schedule of your dreams so you never go back to wasting your time
  • Understand your golden hour and dive into energy giving tasks every day to keep you going
  • Create new habits for daily, weekly and quarterly planning so you and your business never miss a beat
  • Access your deepest intuition with a meditative practice and exercise for communing with your highest self

Module 7

90 Day Planning

As the program comes to a close we use this time to reflect on what we learned, where we grew and where we want to stretch next.   Use this time of reflection to reassess your original 90 day plan and acknowledge your growth. 

With one container closing it is time to create the next container for your continued growth. Schedule your final Bonus call with Marie to receive feedback on your new 90 day plan and support structures for what’s next.


  • Complete post mortem exercise to reveal your lessons learned and growth areas.
  • Map out a new 90 day plan complete with the milestones you will reach and the rewards you will receive along the way
  • Leverage the Side Hustle Post Intensive Assessment to measure growth across the 12 week program and acknowledge yourself 
  • Declare what supports you desire next and start conversations with other community members to be supported in this next stage of business development

Plus these bonuses to help you gain momentum, support, and community all the way through your business building success.

  • Bonus 1: Bonus calls with Marie to dig into your business and transition challenges (Value $1250)


  • Bonus 2: Lifetime Access to Side Hustle Intensive Private Facebook Group and all training materials on the learning platform (Value $900)


  • Bonus 3: Lifetime discount on all High Tides Coaching packages, programs and workshops as a Side Hustle Member (Value $1800)

When You Add It All Up, That’s a Total Real World Value of $3950

Apply now before registration closes. Grab your seat for the Intensive

Plus You Are Covered By A Risk Free 28-Day Money Back Guarantee

Side Hustle Intensive is designed to help Women of Color entrepreneurs grow wealth and legacy through business building. Your success is our success. It’s why the exercises are so detailed and there is so much face time with Marie to coach you through the process.

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, but we also want you to give your best effort to apply all of the strategies in the course. The Company provides a 28-day money back guarantee for the Program. 

After 28 days into the course, you will have access to all of the orientation materials behind the methodology of the Program and all of the calculators and resources to plan for increased net worth, business operation budget, setting your CEO salary, and planning your exit strategy to plan a viable exit date from your full time job, as well as the ramp up of your small business. That’s all in the first 4 weeks of the program.

That means that if you have done the work, you should be able to see a realistic timeline for your exit from corporate and/or be planning your business’ financial growth as well. If for any reason by the 28th day in the program you are not feeling confident about your timelines for your strategy, or supported to continue the next steps, reach out to Marie at Marie@mariedeveaux.com and we will refund your full investment.

Full Detail Here>>


This workshop was an EXCELLENT experience. I was stretched beyond my comfort zone and learned so much that I can put into practice TODAY. 

Kim – LCSW, PCP Psychotherapist  

It’s the smack in your face with a kiss of comfort to get you feeling stronger and wiser about all your business needs. Necessary for all women in business to be a part of.

Mary – Lifestyle Consultant, Purple Keys Styles

I’m not stressed about money any more. Marie, you are a life saver. Seriously, I feel in control and inspired about saving; like I have an emerging P&L . . . and it makes sense.  

Dr. Amante – CEO, Disruptive Equity Education Project


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is the program? What are the start and end dates?
    Answer: This is a 12 week program. The official program start date begins the week of January 18, 2021. Orientation materials and all modules will be made available to you in your portal at the time of registration, no later than January 11. Flow weeks occur on weeks 5, 9 and 12. It is encouraged that you use your one-on-one sessions during those times. Our final group call will be the week of April 17, 2021.


  • How much time do I need each week to work on this program and implementing the modules?
    Answer: Your study time may vary. Past participants reported spending 90 minutes to two hours implementing strategies in addition to the two hours per module watching video tutorials, and up to two hours each week engaging on the group calls. (For easy math, that’s 5 hours/week). Participation in the Private Facebook group is at your own discretion and according to your need. Flow week one-on-one sessions are 50 minutes in duration.


  • How will I access the weekly group coaching calls and Q&A sessions?
    Answer: You will be invited to the private group coaching calls via the email you used to register for the program. You should save these dates to your calendar, and put the login credentials in a safe place. There will also be an active link to join the call available inside the course members area which you will have access to at all times.


  • Who is teaching this program and how are they qualified?
    Answer: Marie Deveaux is a certified Own the Room Communications coach, and Mind Gym Master Certified workshop facilitator. She holds a Masters degree in Management and has over 10 years of corporate experience in professional development, and business operations. She is a licensed investment advisor. She is also a trained in life and executive coaching by International Coach Federation accredited program, Accomplishment Coaching. You can read more about her qualifications and experience, and download her CV by visiting the About page on mariedeveaux.com.


  • What’s the refund policy?
    Answer: The Side Hustle Intensive is backed by a 28-Day Money Back Guarantee. You can read the full details of this policy here.

“It is so difficult for me to briefly summarize who I am and what I do. Marie found a great way to break down what could feel like nerve-wracking moment into a quick answer in 60-seconds or less. “

-Meredith Lejeune, Owner Thought Bubble Communications

“This course helped me to understand my money challenges more. How to set up new ways of making money. Being a stronger and harder worker. Also it helped me acknowledge that I am not alone in becoming a successful entrepreneur. So many strong women are working on their goals as well. I am a piece to a greater plan and I love my part.”  

-Candace Taylor, Chief Inspiration Officer Connecting Creations

“This program is a monumental milestone that I think every business owner should take, especially if you are a Solopreneur because it will force you to really take stock in what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, how you’re doing it, and focus on better ways to improve.

You always hope for a networking space, but you know you came to do work, and then you end up networking in a different way. It’s a very good, very healing space.

This program really supported me in staying grounded in reality. You hear people say ‘oh, I’m in business to help others’ and that’s great but at the end of the day you need to eat. I can’t do $5 websites. If I’m doing that, I”m just going from one slave owner to another. This program is about being a real business owner, and that’s my ultimate goal.”

-Charlene Brown, Web/Brand Identity Developer, Bklyn Custom Designs

Getting pushed into my business full time was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

I had been planning to quit my job for the better part of a year, but they fired me a week ahead of schedule! I didn’t miss a beat. My only regret? That I didn’t do it sooner.

In my first year as a full time coach, I booked over 48 speaking engagements and was paid to coach at some of the most disruptive organizations including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Spotify. 

And my background as an investment advisor allowed me to be equally effective coaching at some of the most prestigious financial giants.

But the best part was I had peace of mind, purpose, and a renewed energy for life. After 13 years in the corporate world, having my time back meant I got to be a better mom, partner, and friend. And it turns out, being a good human makes for a great business owner.

I created the Side Hustle Intensive so powerful women could walk with me step by step through a customized development plan to start living and working in their passionate purpose full time. Whether you’re a corporate climber, an artist at heart, or that life long entrepreneur who just could never seem to catch your momentum, this is your time.  

This program is all about finding your power (and the tools) to say no to how you have been doing things, and say yes (confidently) to a new chapter in your career and in your life. 

I can’t wait to spend these next 12 weeks with you to see all of the awesome you are going to create. Give yourself, and your business a shot. It’s risk free after all.

Rooting for your continued success, 

Your Coach,


My whole life has led to this. I’ve performed on stages around the world. I’ve wandered the streets of Latin America learning about the stories that people carry that shape global history. I’ve led movement classes to help people explore their bodies and physical capacity and how it serves their spiritual and emotional needs. I’ve built systems to increase organizational efficiencies for companies in industries ranging from education to fitness to fashion. I’ve trained hundreds of leaders to lead with the wisdom of the heart and mind. I’ve served in the creation of choreographic works that have graced stages of major New England & Tri-State Area performance spaces. I’ve danced through the walkways of supermarkets and the shores of sandy beaches exploring liberty no matter the setting: ALL FOR YOU.

Being a visionary has always been a huge part of who I am. I thoroughly enjoy making connections (of people, of resources, of ideas) that help boost the life experiences of the collective. I believe that there is an ongoing spiritual attack on the creative (creator) capacity of people around the world, which has manifested as blockages, disenfranchisement, low self-esteem, mental and spiritual oppression and stagnancy. I am deeply compelled to support humanity in reconnecting with its intrinsic nature as creators of good. I desire to help break the cycle of lifelessness and perpetual dormancy and elevate people to achieve and create in a way that honors the heights and depths of their human potential.

My life is centered around a framework of ‘spiritual doula’ work. I seek to guide new creations and connections into existence and bring peace (and put to rest) to those things within and around us that have reached the limits of their existence and are ready to be released. My business, Connecting Creations has long existed as a seed waiting for nourishment. It is now sprouting and is ready to capitalize on strong roots to expand and grow into a tree, to serve as a pillar of strength, protection, solace, comfort, inspiration, and prosperity for many. I was so grateful for the Side Hustle Intensive for watering and shining it’s sunlight upon my seed to help me arrive at this place. I am excited to pay it forward and do that for you too. 

Love + Light!

Your Chief Inspiration Officer and Assistant Coach



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