If you set goals daily, write checklists and set a daily intention, you will be surprised with what you can accomplish. We all know that’s what we should do to be successful, but when does should become will?

Hold Yourself Accountable

I love the Best Self Co journal. It takes all of the tips and tricks of the successful and puts it in a daily journal format to help you be your best self by building proven habits that the super wealthy live by.

  • Plan your day the night before
  • Block your time so nothing is unscheduled
  • Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals
  • Start your day with an attitude of gratitude
  • End your day thinking about what you are grateful for
  • Learn from your successes and make changes based on your missteps
  • Set measurable outcome driven milestones
  • Reward yourself when you succeed.

You could do any of these things of your own free will, but most of us can’t remember all those shouldas and then we end up being a “shoulda had” (say it out loud, you’ll laugh). I’m not saying this is the only daily system that works but it is a great resource and many people have liked it.


There is a tension that develops between what you have already done and what is possible. What you do with that tension is the difference between the successful and the “shoulda hads”. Find out what gets you to do the shouldas and then keep doing that.

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