A Pie Enthusiast’s Perspective

Now that fall is officially here, we’re in the midst of the winter holiday season. I know many of you are excited about the sweet treats that come with it. Some, like me, find joy in making and baking these delicacies from scratch. Believe it or not, I was president of my high school pie club, where a group of marching band friends and I would gather at Marie Callender’s to sample a selection of different pies after a weekend on the road. Ask me to name 20 pies in a minute, and I’d ace it. But more importantly, I have mastered the art of making a mean pie crust. Interestingly, the secret to a delicious, buttery, flaky pie crust mirrors the key to great business strategy – it’s all about keeping your cool.


The Simplicity of Pie Making and Business

Pie crust recipes are simple. You need flour, butter, and a little bit of cold water. A dash of salt heightens the flavor, and the rest is science (or really art) – much like building a business. You take an idea, identify a client, and solve their problem with that idea. However, just like in pie making, working the idea too hard can be detrimental. Simplify your business strategy into three key components: a problem, a solution, and a way to deliver this solution. Remember, overcomplicating things is a primary reason why many businesses fail. According to the C-Suite Network, the best way to mitigate those distractions is to stay proactive and committed to delivering high value to your customers.


The reasons most businesses fail usually boils down to four key ingredients: poor money management, an unreliable team, an ineffective business model, or insufficient marketing. That’s right: money, management, model or marketing.


Stay cool and carry on. This is a topic I delve into deeply in our Build It B2B master class. Those 4Ms are deadly if you don’t know when to pivot and upskill.


If you do the wrong things long enough, you fail. Assembling a business is like assembling a recipe for pie crust: it’s all about finding the right balance.


The Importance of Keeping it Cool

In pie making, the colder the butter, the better. The contrast between the ice-cold butter and the heat of the oven creates the delightful layers. If the butter melts in the tin, you end up with gummy, uninteresting dough. Flat; without dimension, forgettable.

Similarly, in business, maintaining authenticity and not overworking your original idea is crucial. Whether it’s grating cold butter or adding ice-cold water, keeping the butter’s form is vital. The same goes for business – staying true to your roots often yields the best results.

I’m going to say it again for those that didn’t quite hear me. The contrast is what makes the pie. You don’t want to blend in. You don’t want to work too hard because doing either ruins the dynamism of what makes your business so special. You need layers. You need depth and that comes with being so you that you stand out.


Avoiding Overcomplication in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs often get lost in the complexity of operations and the allure of new technologies. Trust me, I love some cool tools. But staying true to the original idea and keeping it simple can lead to refreshing outcomes. This holiday season, as you bake your treats, (or just eat a bunch of them) reflect on how you can apply the same principle to your business strategy.


Keeping it Simple and Authentic

Many in the MLM sector use the acronym KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid. However, a more fitting mantra might be ‘Stay True to Yourself’ or ‘Remember Why You Started’. Just realizing that the second one would be RWYS “Are wise” . . .not bad.

Often, staying in your lane of true original intent allows everything else to unfold perfectly when it’s time to serve.

Final Thoughts: What’s Your Holiday Creation?

What are you cooking up this holiday season, and how can you ensure it stays true to your original intent? Stay wise. Keep focused. And may your pies (and your business) be a delight to all you serve.


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