Thanksgiving Rocks My Socks

What is a Thanksgiveaway you ask? I love Thanksgiving and I love November because it is home to Thanksgiving. What a great way to celebrate life: Looking at all that you have and saying thank you. It’s an innately spiritual holiday, but not religious. It has historical context, but doesn’t need a story to make it work. And everyone slows down for a minute, in this world of 30 second news cycles, and social inundation of fake news – to look at what is real, and good in their lives.

Plus, there’s pie. What’s not to love? Apple pie with layers of sliced apple arranged in circular pattern in a ceramic pie plate as Marie Deveaux career coach describes teh perfection of tThanksgiving as a reflective holiday in her thanksgiveaway article 2017



23 Days of Gratitude

To kick off my favorite season, I am hosting a 23 Days of Gratitude video series. Every day, from now until Thanksgiving on November 23, I will share one thing I am grateful for. Make sure to subscribe to Mariedeveaux.com to receive updates when the new videos are up. I am challenging everyone to also think of something they are grateful for each day. You can comment here or on social media where I will also be getting all “Thanksgivey”. Check out my first gratitude video:



So Thanksgiving is a compound word. There’s the thank part (which I challenge you to do with me each day of the video series), but there is also the giving part. When you can recognize how full your life is moment, to moment, it’s much easier to give with a thankful heart, and be generous with your resources. That’s why for this month only – from now through Thanksgiving Day I will be opening up my coaching assessment tool to any and all who would like to go deeper into their blessings and their goals as we close out 2017. More details on how to access the tool and claim a free 90 minute coaching session can be found on the Thanksgiveaway page.

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