INDUSTRY: Marketing and Advertising
SERVICE: Cohort Leadership
Experience, “Lifting Leaders”

RESULTS: Tangible advancement in leadership skills, increased self-advocacy and a sense of community among AAPI leaders.

INDUSTRY: Energy and Environment
SERVICE: Cohort Leadership
Experience, “DEIB Grow and Change”

RESULTS: Team transparency statement, redefining fundraising parameters, adding Environmental Justice course, and operationalizing systems for feedback.

INDUSTRY: Communications, Public Relations and Advertising
SERVICE: Leadership
Experience, “Elevate” for Black womxn

RESULTS: Exploring trauma informed leadership, creating resilience, building sponsor relationships and practicing self-advocacy.

Christina Robinson

Deputy Executive Editorial Director

This was one of the best experiences I’ve had since joining my agency four-plus years ago. For too long, I’ve felt like one of just a handful. But now I’m part of a community of black women throughout WPP, who are all striving and thriving and committed to supporting one another. Thank you to Judy for conceiving this program. Thank you to Tasha for signing on as our sponsor. Thank you to Francis for keeping us moving. And thank you to Marie for all your coaching and advice, I will take all these gems to heart.


Larisa Yarmolovich

Director, National Operations

Marie led our training sessions and the entire team (men and women, 4 people of color) trusted Marie and shared more deeply than I’ve seen them share in larger internal training/workshops. She has a way of getting folks to be vulnerable, to celebrate, while also challenging/pushing folks to be better than they were coming in; all while having fun and providing easy-to-use methods to make the training come alive in our work and personal lives ongoing. I highly recommend High Tides and Marie to internal teams and to others outside of my organization. Proud to work with High Tides!


Amanda Green

Creative Director, Public Speaking Workshop

I loved how interactive each session was. Marie did a great job establishing a sense of inclusion and comfort in the group setting & engaging and encouraging contributions from every participant.


Becky Lahr

EAB, Career Advocate workshop

This session was amazing. What a wonderful way to wrap up WiL and build one another up. I only wish we could’ve had twice the time.


Workshop Participant

Aspen EEP

Really eager to continue learning and also learning how to implement truly inclusive practices into our work.


Workshop Participant

Inclusive Leadership

Thank you for creating a space for us to learn and share and be wrong!


Kemi Green

Global Director, Marketing and Growth

The fact that this group even exists is huge. Seeing other black faces is huge. There are not many of us (black women) in the WPP group, so having a safe place to gather and speak freely and share experiences is life changing.


Tori-Ann Hampton

Curriculum Specialist, Dramatic Results

I enjoyed the storytelling aspect, it was great to share with the group and get feedback. It’s helpful to test it out so that I know what to do next as a storyteller.


Dennis Quinn

Creative Group, Washington Post

Marie has a magical way of empowering people to feel comfortable enough with their own power to unlock their authority & presence


Maddie Umali

Director, Strategy and Insights, VMLY&R

I loved how many new people I got to meet in this program. We need more community building within AAPI employees.


Workshop Participant


Marie was a great facilitator. She had high energy, did a good job listening, creating a safe space and trying to pull us out (we were we a quieter group and late afternoon zoom fatigue was hitting) but she was solid.


Kari Shimmel

Chief Strategy Officer, Campbell Ewald

Marie helped to reframe some situations from a place of insecurity to one of confidence, allowing me to step into actions that have already brought positive results. Her ability to listen actively and prompt questions that helped me to reframe and ask “what if”. I also appreciated her thoughtful notes that provided a way for me to action our conversations.


Amanda Ogeah

Growth Director, WM Global

Creating an on-going opportunity for us to be surrounded by other Black Women, very rare in this industry


Christianne Kemp

Head of Digital Media Operations

These sessions have been so thought provoking and a great boost in my confidence that I wish it was for a long period of time.


Rachel Fullerton

Finance Director, Ogilvy Advertising

Very well put together course – facilitated in a very open, warm and inclusive manner. Great way to build a network! The opportunity to hear from and ask questions to senior faces around the network was brilliant. Loved having an accountability partner! The sponsorship part of the course is a fantastic idea. Judy Jackson – very inspiring! Enjoyed hearing from her every week!


Andrea Eagan

Director, L&D and Development

Betty’s workshop highlighted the importance of crafting clear mission and vision statements, sourcing power effectively, and enhancing communication skills. My key takeaway is to hone these skills to become a more effective leader. Loved the assessment to determine inward vs. outward. Would have loved more time to connect with those that had aligning scores to discuss things to look out for. The open conversation allowed time to reflect — so helpful! Betty was amazing! Her teaching style and knowledge sharing was incredibly helpful!


Tasha Levy

Vice President, Brand Partnerships

It was so great to work with you all. High Tides provided an awesome learning experience for our team. We look forward to doing more together. Thanks again!


High tides teal square with white lettering for mariedeveaux.com small business coach for women of colorParticipant

High Tides Facilitator Forum

Marie has a knack for taking big, nebulous topics and helping us digest it in a very tangible way that ends up blowing my mind. It’s very empowering because I feel like I can take the insights with me wherever I go which I often don’t feel after leaving workshops or conferences.


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