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Boss-up Brunch

Sat, JUNE 5, 2021

11 am EST

Side Hustle Taster

Tue, JUNE 15, 2021

6 pm EST

Interactive Online Workshop

About Boss-up Brunch

Let’s face it – the world has changed, is changing fast, and these are challenging times. But this is the perfect time for small, service-based businesses to boss up and serve their community. And that means you could finally say goodbye to your 9-5.

This is your opportunity to learn:

  • The 3 Key Steps to Create a Sustainable Business
  • The 2 Elements to Make your Financial Goals a Reality
  • The Branding Secret that will Make you Stand Out from the Crowd
  • And your Greatest Tools you can Start implementing Today

90 minute Live Seminar

About the Taster Class

This taster class takes you through an actual Side Hustle intensive group coaching session, combining the best aspects of Marie’s 12 week course and presenting it to you in a dynamic community environment (just like the full program) with two professionally trained coaches to guide you through the process.

This value packed intensive training is FREE and includes:

  • How to Write your Vision Statement
  • How to Design Your Company Values
  • How to Budget Your Time to Grow Your Side Hustle
  • The 5 Step Framework to a Healthy Business
  • How to Create Intentional CEO Habits
  • How to Create Fuel for Your Biggest Obstacles

“What if I can’t attend the live event, but still want to take this course?”

I’m a big fan that if you can’t be there live, you weren’t present. No buts. If this isn’t a priority for you this time, then check back for future events, or feel free to reach out to a coach for a 30 minute laser chat instead.

Meet the Coaches

Marie Deveaux 3/4 shot in white dress with navy blazer in front of the NY skyline on Mariedeveaux.com

Marie Deveaux

I’ve been a financial advisor, caseworker, fundraising consultant, real estate investor and a director of operations. After 13 years in the corporate world, having my time back running my own business meant I got to be a better mom, partner, and friend. And it turns out, being a good human makes for a great business owner.

I created the Side Hustle Intensive so powerful women could walk with me step by step through a customized development plan to start living and working in their passionate purpose full time. Whether you’re a corporate climber, an artist at heart, or that life long entrepreneur who just could never seem to catch your momentum, this is your time.

Candace Taylor

My whole life has led to this. I’ve performed on stages around the world. I’ve wandered the streets of Latin America learning about the stories that people carry that shape global history. I’ve led movement classes to help people explore their bodies and physical capacity and how it serves their spiritual and emotional needs. I’ve built systems to increase organizational efficiencies for companies in industries ranging from education to fitness to fashion. I’ve trained hundreds of leaders to lead with the wisdom of the heart and mind.

I was so grateful for the Side Hustle Intensive for watering and shining it’s sunlight upon my seed to help me arrive at this place. I am excited to pay it forward and do that for you too.