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For Public Speaking

“From the moment I had my first session with Marie – it was on! I organized my goals, wrapped my mind around what resources I had and which ones I needed to acquire, started leveraging my network more effectively, and within a few months, I had booked myself solid with paid engagements. Marie was there at every step, preparing for the presentations, giving me feedback, and most importantly helping me make the mindset shift I needed to get out of my own way. Could I have done this without her? Maybe, but there’s something special about spending time with Maire. Working together completely exceeded my expectations in terms of exposure, revenue, and client response. Working with Marie has been a game-changer!”
-Lara Z, Nutritionist, Pharmacist, Public Health Professional

“Marie picked up on my strengths immediately, well before we started getting into the speech itself. This made me feel even more confident in her advice…”

“I wanted to feel confident presenting a story that had a strict outline. Usually when I present a speech, I have the bad habit (but helpful habit!) of doing it on the fly. I specifically wanted Marie to help me feel comfortable and confident working from an outline with a time limit, but still embracing my natural strengths as funny/engaging. Marie picked up on my strengths immediately, well before we started getting into the speech itself. This made me feel even more confident in her advice, because she clearly knows how to identify the strengths and areas of opportunity for a speaker pretty much on sight. Marie is just real and fun. I was telling a difficult story for a type of event I’d absolutely never had to prepare for before, and yet I felt immediately comfortable telling her my concerns, fears, and story.”

-Sarah Q, Product Specialist, Facebook


“Marie is a master coach and knows how to bring out the absolute best in others.

I have worked with Marie over the last three years, initially thru Own The Room where she helped me learn to be my authentic self in public speaking engagements. Since then, I have engaged Marie to help team members and colleagues remove their fear of public speaking – and she worked her magic. She has even helped job candidates I have referred, with their interviewing techniques and helping them to seal that job offer!

I can’t say enough about the magic Marie brings to any communications challenge. And her skills and talents go beyond communications – To helping people practice resilience and bounce back from adversity to embracing uncharted waters.

I am honored to have had the opportunity to learn from the best = Marie Deveaux!”
-Judy J, Global Head of Culture, WPP

We hired Own The Room to provide the Ford Foundation a publicspeaking training course and Marie was our coach. She was phenomenal and gave us all the insights we need to “own the room.” I’ve have already requested for a level 2 and 3.

-Marc J C, Digital Storyteller

“Marie’s coaching made a big difference for me and the way I delivered my research information to the audience. It’s not just practicing a lot, it’s using multimedia, stories, and analogies to engage the audience. It felt really good, and I felt secure and owned it. I realize my presentation wasn’t just spewing out information, and for the first time, I see it’s just like art. You know when you’ve got it, and I get that buzz now.”

-Tracey Y, Associate Professor at Duke University

Marie was a pleasure to work with as she is committed to excellence and dedicated to creating the best work environment, providing effective feedback both verbally and in writing to encourage positive change. Marie encourages excellence in her colleagues and seeks it for herself, showing only professionalism, support and enthusiasm in doing so.

-Rachel G, Executive Coach, Master Facilitator, Speaker

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For Business/Entrepreneurship

“Marie is one of the smartest people I know, and she’s also one of the sharpest and impactfully critical. Her observations and insight have contributed to tremendous growth in my professional and personal life. She has helped me to identify and fully commit to my dreams as well as the goals and objectives it takes to manifest them. Marie goes beyond her service offerings and acts as a mentor and cheerleader for anyone in need. I truly cannot recommend working with her enough. I signed up for her Side Hustle Intensive during a huge life transition phase and set up the building blocks and pathway to fulfilling my life purpose. I would have been totally satisfied with the resources and learnings and confidence I gained from that experience; however, in the process, she’s also become lifelong co-conspirator helping me manifest my vision every step of the way.”

-Candace T, Chief Inspiration Officer, helping dream chasers and go-getters

“Before working with Marie there was no business. Now there is one, and a successful one!”

This year has been all about really digging in and understanding my worth and value as a Consultant and Coach. Trusting that and seeing it modeled by Marie is what really gave me the confidence to launch my business full time! Before working with Marie there was no business. Now there is one, and it’s a successful one, like this is my livelihood, and contributes significantly to how we provide for our family. Sometimes you work with people and they keep all of their jewels and processes close to the chest, maybe from fear of competition. But with Marie, she is always transparent about sharing her processes, network and resources.

-Deana J, Coach, Strategist, Keynote Speaker

“Working with Marie is a monumental milestone that I think every business owner should do, especially if you are a solopreneur because it will force you to really take stock in what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, how you’re doing it, and focus on better ways to improve. Marie really supported me in staying grounded in reality. You hear people say ‘oh, I’m in business to help others’ and that’s great but at the end of the day you need to eat. I can’t do $5 websites. If I’m doing that, I’m just going from one slave owner to another. This is about being a real business owner, and that’s my ultimate goal.”

-Charlene B, Web/Brand Identity Developer at Bklyn Custom Designs

“I would highly suggest coaching with Marie for anybody, especially Black women who want to start their own business. I didn’t know anything like it existed!”

“Side Hustle Intensive helped me break down all of the most important aspects that need to be handled for successfully running a business. It also helped provide community and accountability which is really important to me. I would highly suggest coaching with Marie for anybody, especially Black women who want to start their own business. I didn’t know anything like it existed. Side Hustle Intensive It’s a fabulous place to be in community and also learn some hard operational skills. I would say it is an opportunity for not just like business growth and building but like personal growth and building.”

-Brencia B, CEO, Berry & Collins

“I feel like you are looking at the whole operation – not just the money part – but also the purposes, the values, the movement, and the marketing strategy. And then sharing a holistic view of what the business truly offers. After speaking to Marie, I just see so much room for opportunity and it makes me a lot less scared about growing my business than I was before our session.”

-Wannida K, Humanist Wedding Planner

“I enjoyed my coaching sessions with, Marie! She has a great way of making you feel comfortable and “heard” very quickly. Having worked with multiple coaches from varying backgrounds and skillsets, I noticed the importance to have someone in your corner that not only coached but held you accountable at all costs. I can’t speak for all but for me, growth is tied to strong accountability especially when you have a 9-5 and trying to bring your “side hustle” dreams to fruition! Ultimately, Marie dared to ask the “right” questions and brought out ideas, feelings and emotions that I needed to (and still do) deal with head on. Success isn’t made over night but the journey is that much more palpable, with guidance from an experienced life coach like, Marie Deveaux!”

-Theon F, Driving Community in Social Impact Spaces


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For Executive Coaching

“Marie is pushing me to acknowledge what’s there – not just the dynamics on the surface but the underlying motivations and beliefs that I need to recognize in order to really understand everything that shapes how I show up and move through the world.”

-Ariel H, Head of Learning and Development at Slack

“Marie truly loves what she does – and is great at it!”

“Marie has been an amazing speaking coach to me. She challenges me while explaining why certain speaking techniques are effective. She takes time to prepare for all of our sessions while being prompt and responsive to communications. She’s successfully worked with me remotely too as I’m not based in the NYC area. Marie truly loves what she does– and is great at it. I highly recommend Marie if you are looking to improve your speaking – whether that is internal or external – in person or remote — Marie covers it all!”

-Jenna S, Marketing Lead at Facebook


Since I started working with Marie, I’ve definitely started speaking up and out more around things that impact me and the people who look like me, people of color and community. I bring more of who I truly am, just being and embracing myself a lot more in professional spaces. I feel more grounded as an individual. I like the fact that I have been able to utilize a lot of the techniques that Marie taught me to help my team. I really enjoyed the fact that Marie pushes me in different ways, and helps me think in different perspectives that I hadn’t. It helps me push myself, but also helps me push my teams as well.

-Erik H, Chief Development Officer at Metrocaring


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