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Marie picked up on my strengths immediately, well before we started getting into the speech itself (and we were on a call, no less). This made me feel even more confident in her advice, because she clearly knows how to identify the strengths and areas of opportunity for a speaker pretty much on sight. I felt immediately comfortable telling her my concerns, fears, and story. Marie is just real and fun.

-Sarah Q

Product Specialist at Facebook

This is one of the best courses on new manager skills I’ve come across, and I work at Udemy! 🙂 I learned skills like communication, delegation, influence and [flexible] leadership. Loved the hands-on exercises also. Thank you!

-Safia A

Udemy Employee

Wow, you were such a PHENOMENAL facilitator. I really got a lot out of that workshop. I was learning and cackling the whole time! You are the definition of faBOOSH. Hope to cross paths again in the future.

-Sam B

305 Fitness Workshop Participant

Thank you Kerry-Ann! I thought today’s session went so well. You are a fantastic facilitator and I love how you kept folks on track and were able to synthesize their thoughts into the mission, vision, and values in real time. Truly impressive. I cannot wait to work with you and the High Tides team again for the next ERG workshop!
-Simone S
Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at EAB

This session has now become a vital part of our guide in planning over the next few months, 1 year to 3 to 5 year markers as well.

-Adiagha M

Associate Director of Operations, Rocketship Public Schools

Great session. Very engaging and really one of the best virtual trainings I’ve attended. Practical, interactive, thought-provoking. Thanks again!
-Transparent Decision Making Workshop Participant
This experience has been phenomenal. A game changer for me. I will empower others because I am now MORE empowered than when I came to this group 8 weeks ago.
-Alicia S, Account Supervisor
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