image of frustrated worker from mariedeveaux.comIf you are having a bad day, chances are you SHOULD NOT QUIT YOUR JOB. Sit quietly with yourself and think back to your goals and your progress. Is your job getting in your way, or is there something else YOU could be doing to change the outcomes you’re getting?

There’s a lot of data on why people quit and some of the top hits are summarized here. None of these reasons are about hurt feelings or an emotional response to work place drama.

Reasons to Quit

  1. You are not being challenged or are not engaged (for whatever reason) to perform at your best every day
  2. You are morally or ethically opposed to the mission/processes/senior management of the organization
  3. You life needs more attention than you can provide while still working in your current role
  4. You’ve been offered the next big thing (an offer you can’t refuse/opportunity that more closely aligns with your life’s purpose wrt pay/benefit/career advancement)
  5. You have a toxic boss

Whatever your rationale, when communicating with your employer, never burn bridges and always maintain a professional demeanor. The business world is small and you may cross paths with them again. Your reputation is everything.

Thinking about quitting, but not sure if it’s the right reason/timing? Leave a comment or shoot me an email. Talking it through is the best way to figure out what’s best for your career moment to moment.

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