recipe box image for making a quit sandwich from mariedeveaux.comThe Quit Sandwich

  1. Start with a compliment or positive nod to your manager
  2. Directly state when your last day is and be nondescript and non accusatory about why you are leaving
  3. End with a message of support for next steps

I recently left a full time position that I had long outgrown. From the start, I knew my values and ideals were misaligned with that of the CEO, but there was so much work to be done “under the radar” that I persisted and grew a team, a brand, and sustainable systems before she was even aware I worked there (4 years later). One week before I was prepared to submit my resignation, I was terminated. [gasp]

My only regret? I didn’t get to submit my note! Perhaps, because I’m a writer and communications coach, this was particularly awful for me – like writing a book that no one reads, or a speech that no one hears. So here goes. Names have been changed to protect the guilty. (and make this a template you can use when appropriate):

Template for a Resignation

Bob, I’d like to start of by saying that I truly appreciate the time and energy you have spent developing me and coaching me during my time here. I have learned a tremendous amount about organizational dynamics and teamwork under your leadership and the autonomy you provided me to pursue my vision is unmatched.

I have decided to pursue another opportunity and my last day at XYZ will be August 12.

Please let me know how I can support you and the team during this transition. It is my hope and belief that the great work being done here will continue long after my departure.

What has been your experience leaving jobs? Did you write a formal note? Meet with someone in person followed by a letter? How did you feel before and after the “deed” was done? Leave a comment below.

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