This is Part 4 of the 22 Black Women to Watch in 2022 series: Black Women Healers. If you missed Part 1 or Part 2 or Part 3 read them first.

Broken and tired is no way to live an entrepreneurial life.

Do I have your attention, Sis? I’m talking to you. You are the one who wakes at 5 A.M. to work out, cook, clean, plan the day, or to simply breathe in the peace of stillness The one who takes classes at night, missing your partner and your babies. And the one who has had to start over more times than she cares to admit. The one who almost gave up but didn’t. I see you. All of you. You are not alone.


We are the backbone of communities, offering wisdom, a listening ear, and a shoulder to cry on. Women, especially Black women, are conditioned to hold up the world without verbalizing their need to be held in return. Pouring into the others until they are so close to empty, they get sick, lash out, or burn out.


Where do you turn when you don’t recognize support within your system or community? Where do you go for a sensitive ear or a shoulder? Who will pour into you, fill your cup, and allow you to be in stillness?


Here are four Black women healers giving space for your mental health.


Dr. Damaliah Gibson, Ph.D. and Beatrice Hyacinthe, LCSW

Who are they?







Dr. Damaliah Gibson and Beatrice Hyacinthe, LCSW are the co-founders of Love & Kindness Wellness Services, L.L.C. A powerhouse Ph.D., Dr. Damaliah is an instructor, trauma specialist, clinical psychologist, and clinical supervisor. With over 15 years of experience, Beatrice Hyacinthe serves various communities on issues such as complex trauma, life transitions, grief, racial identities, and more.

Their Approach

Strength-based and body-focused with a land-based lens, Dr. Gibson encourages mindfulness and wellness. “[F]ostering transformation and creativity in her clients,” working with individuals, groups, couples, families, and partners across multiple therapeutic techniques. As a Level II Reiki practitioner, Ms. Hyacinthe also incorporates the healing technique into her practice.

Why they stand apart

Focused on how intersectionality creates the blueprint for mental health, Dr. Gibson taps into the why behind our stories. She stands apart due to her approach to the intersection of intergenerational trauma, mental wellness, and our community. What held beliefs are destructive, and how do we bring those shadows into the light? Which views empower us, and how do we draw strength from them?


Also, both are Indigenous Focusing-Oriented Therapists focused on complex traumas. Ms. Hyacinthe is an Indigenous Focusing-Oriented Therapist trainer, and Dr. Gibson is an Indigenous Tools For Living instructor.

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Naj Austin

Who is she?

Founder and C.E.O. of two identity-centric platforms, Somewhere Good and Ethel’s Club, Naj Austin is a creator of spaces for us by us. Starting with her in-person social club launched in 2020, Austin had to pivot when the pandemic forced a shutdown. Aided by a determined team, Naj took four days to digitize Ethel’s Club, more than doubling the membership from 300 Brooklynites to over 700 creatives and professionals worldwide.

Her approach

Bring joy to as many safe places for people of color as possible.

Why she stands apart

Naj Austin’s Somewhere Good app is the antithesis of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Bringing you good vibes only, the audio app focuses on play, community connection, and curiosity.

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Kiaundra Jackson, L.M.F.T.

Who is she?

Kiaundra Jackson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Speaker Coach, Author, and T.V. Personality. You may have seen her on Love Goals or The Doctors.

Her Approach

She’s the auntie/bestie telling you like it is. Her systems are practical and approachable, like her D.A.I.L.Y. method for managing mental health. An expert in turning relationships around, Ms. Jackson meets her clients where they are without judgment, welcoming them into a holistic, eclectic, and tailored experience.

Why she stands apart

As “America’s #1 Relationship Therapist,” Kiaundra has saved over 500 couples.

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Dr. Joy Harden Bradford

Who is she?

Dr. Joy is the founder and host of Therapy for Black Girls, an online space for Black female mental health and podcast dedicated to the same. She is a licensed psychologist focused on shaking the mental health stigma in the Black community. Featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, Black Enterprise, Huffington Post, and Essence, Dr. Bradford truly is “at the intersection of Psychology and pop culture.”

Her Approach

With pop culture as an equalizer, Dr. Bradford has utilized her platform to modernize and destigmatize therapy for Black women. She focuses on mental wellness and the fact that mental health is universal. Her approach is that mental illness is not the only reason to seek therapy. Preventing crisis, learning about yourself, and improving relationships are just a few reasons Dr. Joy believes therapy is not just for those who have hit a mental wall or face mental illness.

Why she stands apart

Therapy used to “belong” to one subset of society. Think of what your parents or grandparents would say about treatment. What did you say about therapy just five to ten years ago? Dr. Joy has helped change the face of the industry, especially for Black women. She has called attention to an industry we were always a part of but did not always feel safe or seen.

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There is a therapist or therapy structure just right for you, whatever your struggles. You are not alone. I see you. We see you. You got this.


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