Fall in love . . . again . . . every day

What’s interesting about your business? Are there enough interesting things to keep a 365 day log? If not, why are you still doing it? If you can explain your why, the rest is easy.

Your work should be powerfully interesting and compelling to you. Otherwise, how do you expect to impact and impress your skills and talents on others? When in service to others (aren’t we all) people buy you. Fall in love with your work, and your clients, employees, colleagues, and prospects will too.

I listen to a lot of nonfiction audio these days, especially when it comes to business advice. Now, I can’t recall where I heard this little tidbit. 90% sure it was Seth Godin, but it warrants sharing:

Write something about the impact of your business everyday. And if you don’t have anything interesting to write about, get into another business.

The things that make my business interesting are also the things that make it so awesome, I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. See below for my 7 day log of awesomeness. What does your log look like?

Awesomeness Log

  1. Giving and getting weekly training and professional development opportunities is the norm.
  2. I get to influence people I never would have met if not for this business.
  3. I hold people accountable to make little changes that create lasting results.
  4. Most of my meetings with clients happen over food and I like to eat.
  5. I make my own schedule.
  6. The more money my clients make, save and retain, the more successful my business is.
  7. 80% of my clients are from word of mouth referrals.

I know the above reads like a love letter to my business, and it should. What fascinates and motivates you about your work? Put it to paper.

Why you do, is far more interesting that what you do. Keep it interesting. Fall in love.

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