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Marie: Hey, everyone it’s Live at Lunch. Happy Wednesday, super excited for today’s live because I am joined by the magnificent Arielle Ortiz, Life Space Coach and Organizer, and she is going to share with us all of her brilliance. Arielle, why don’t you just introduce yourself to the She Runs It community?

Arielle: Hi everyone. I’m excited. It’s my first live, yay! My name’s Arielle Ortiz. I am the founder of i am simply Life Space Coaching & Organizing. And I am super excited to be here with all of you.

Marie: Yay. Oh my gosh. Arielle, can you tell us a little bit about how you got started in your business? I know, well, just some history for everyone here, Arielle and I met through a coaching certification program, I don’t know, a year and a half ago, maybe. But tell us about your business and how you started. Because I know you actually have a therapeutic background as well.

Arielle: Yeah, my professional background is in psychology and counseling, specifically in school counseling. So I’ve spent the majority of my career as a school counselor. And I loved the work and then I realized I wanted to also kind of dip my toes into working with adults more and just kind of seeing another way that I can work one on one with people other than the school system. So I kind of found coaching through that, and I ended up discovering a coach by working with a coach myself. I didn’t set out going to a therapist. I worked with a coach and kind of saw what she did and really thought it was interesting. So I kind of looked it up and I found, the training program where I met Marie and really fell in love with the work and the freedom it gives to just be able to work one on one in a different capacity with people, to impact their lives in a truly significant way. So I still do my counseling as well, but I started my business, my coaching business and organizing business out of my love to work one on one with people and truly work with people to create authentic lives, their authentic lives in their authentic spaces, through the practical vulnerabilities specifically. So that’s a bit of how I got into it and it’s been super exciting to really make a difference in a different type of way, with both my counseling and now this new medium of coaching.

Marie: I love it. I love it. I think so often people always ask the question, you know, what’s the difference between coaching and therapy and I’m not going to get into that right now, but they do compliment each other so, so well, right. They just seem to go hand in hand. So talk to us a little bit more about authenticity and why that’s the niche that you really kind of went into for your business and even the organizing piece. How does that fit in?

Arielle: Yeah, I would say the authenticity, honestly, I think like how most things happen, it came from my needs, my own need to really start to tell my story and dip into who I am and truly building that up. I spent a lot of years, you know, kind of losing myself. I’m also a wife, I’m a mother. And I got really caught up in the world of just doing for others and putting out and putting out, putting out, to the point where I kind of like lost the sense of who’s Arielle? What makes me go? What turns me on? What turns me off? What do I like? What do I love? What do I hate? Like I didn’t know anymore. So I was starting to recognize how much I was putting on a mask most of the time, and really had no connection to who I am. And so that’s where the authenticity piece I think comes from. I really wanted to explore that for myself. And in doing that, I found so much validation and joy in working with others when I see that spark in them as well. Like, this is what makes me joyous and this is what I like to do. This is who I want to be, how I want to present myself in the world. And to be able to be on someone’s journey with them to discover that while I was doing it for myself has just been super, super empowering.

And where the organizing piece comes in – I like to organize and I kind of like to clean in general, that’s just been like a thing. When I’m nervous or when I’m trying to do something, I need to move things around and organize. And because I had a passion for it, I see that authenticity doesn’t just come from how we talk to other people and present ourselves, but it’s also our physical spaces. So I wanted to marry the two of, I love to practice and work with people to authentically express themselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. So we can have all the spaces in a holistic way in a complete package. So that’s kind of how it started and how I like to approach it from a very holistic way of viewing it.

Marie: Yeah. I love that. The idea of thinking about authenticity, not just in ourselves, but also in our physical spaces and the spaces we take up. Because I think so much of identity is talking about the space that we take up. So I love that. Talk to us a little bit, because I know of course, we worked together in the Side Hustle Intensive and you started in the cohort just this past spring. So, we started in February and it ran through till I think the first or second week of May. And so, if any of you remember what spring was like here in the world, there were a lot of things going on. But talk to us a little bit about why you joined the Intensive and what the experience was like for you, given all of the transition in the world.

Arielle: Yeah, I knew I wanted to join the Intensive because I have this feeling that, even though I was excited about what I was learning and what I was growing with my business, I felt stuck still. Especially with what’s going on in the world, you know, everything had shut down. I didn’t have – I guess I want to say the excuse of my nine to five job, where I was going into the office everyday. And then that’s what took a lot of my time. So I wanted to not start to feel stuck and start to feel like stagnant, I guess, in my business. And for me I’m a learner, I’m a person who likes to constantly learn, constantly getting new information. That’s what kind of keeps me going. So, and I’ve already worked with Marie and seen some of what she does, and then I was already like a fan, like she’s amazing. So when she had this offering, something in me felt like I should jump on it. I should see what this is. I should see what it has to offer. It’ll keep me going. And so yeah, I jumped in and I decided to join. And I’m really glad I did too. That gave me an extra purpose and motivation to keep me going throughout this time, especially when we’re home. And a lot, you know, there’s a lot going on that was pulling me down. And I had to find my boundaries emotionally to stay interested in what I was doing, stay interested in creating my business, and seeing why it’s still important to work with other people as opposed to maybe just retreating and secluding myself, which would have been easier. So that’s kind of what the motivation was, to why I joined and a little bit of what it started to offer me, just from the space of a motivational standpoint.

Marie: Yeah. And I hear you talking a lot about finding your boundaries and kind of finding your way. And I know of course, in the program we talk a lot about money. We talk a lot about identity, and then we also talk about self care and ritual. But I’m really curious for you – what shifted for you in the program and how do you see it manifesting now?

Arielle: I’d say what shifted for me a lot was my vision. Being really clear and getting really aligned in what it is that I want to do. What’s the impact I want to have on the world? You know, what does my business and what I’m doing – like what’s the word I’m looking for – like big monumentous, like movement is it gonna bring into our social climate? That’s what I really want. I want to be a part of the conscious shift for our world and being a part of the Intensive really helped me put to words more what that looks like, what I want to look like, what was authentic for me. I could say all day what it is I think I want to do, but until I had the opportunity to really sit and stew with it and play with it, like clay, and really start to mold it into something that’s tangible and, concrete with actual goals and on the calendar, I actually could see what it is I’m trying to create. That’s what really shifted, and the way it manifested for me. As opposed to this like grandiose idea, I was able to put into bite sized nuggets that made sense, that were clear, with clear goals, with clear projects. And I could really see where my strengths are. I really could see where I was like, okay, some areas to grow, I have some areas that are, you know, making me feel horrible, what’s that about? Like, it was all an amazing learning experience to really know me and my business through and through.

Marie: That is so powerful. I love how, and it’s interesting that you say it was a process of getting to know you, like really understanding yourself better, because it’s a group program. And so there were like other women there and like we’re all doing it together, but so much of the journey as you’ve described, it was like going inward. That’s really powerful. All this month, in the She Runs It group, and on the blog we’ve been talking about freedom. You know, it’s July. And we had the 4th of July. But we also have of course, so much social unrest around protection for black lives. And so when you hear the word freedom, what resonates for you and how do you see that being interwoven in your business?

Arielle: Yes. I’ve been thinking a lot about that as well. What does it actually mean to be free and in what areas am I truly free or am I not? And whether I’m aware of it or not. And for me, freedom really comes from a complete awareness and a complete ability to choose. And whatever that looks like for an individual is what it should be honored to be. So for example, I’m thinking inwardly, I started to pay attention to how much I am not free with the way I allow myself, my emotions to express for example, or allow myself to express myself. My voice, my thoughts, my opinions. They’re not always free. And for many reasons they haven’t been allowed to be either. It’s a lot of external, and some internal, it’s a mixture of both. And so for me, freedom is truly becoming aware of where you’re shackled. Be it, like I said, externally from society, structurally, psychologically, what have you, and then choosing to do something about it, however that’s going to look. It might be some inward work that has to be done. It could be collective work that needs to be done with a group, with community, with, you know, politicians, what have you, like whatever tier you need to get to, to choose to unshackle, I think it’s super powerful and that’s where freedom has to come from, from awareness and choice.

Marie: Oh, I love that. From awareness and choice, like identifying one, that maybe you’re shackled, and then two, choosing to do something about it, I think that’s really powerful. Talk to us a little bit about what you’re up to now and what’s going on in your business currently.

Arielle: So now that I’ve like gotten a lot more clear that my vision is, and I’m really excited about getting deeper into the vulnerability aspect of it. Because I do see freedom being – I see vulnerability as a huge gateway and pathway towards freedom. And my definition of vulnerability is being able to just authentically express yourself, honestly, to others and to yourself, a hundred percent of the time. Which can be super, super scary. So with my business, that’s what I really want to do. I do one on one coaching sessions. I like to do my one-on-ones where I get to work with someone, throughout a four month span, or more. Where we really dive deep into looking at these things, kind of these shackles, like what’s been holding you back, what are the things you want? What’s the ideal life you want to have? How does it look and taste and smell? And what’s actually getting in the way of creating it? And we work together to really dive deep within a safe space of what that could look like, what it is, getting really vulnerable, being able to put it out there, and recreate that narrative, and recreate what that looks like. So that’s one thing that I’ve been enjoying doing. And I found a lot of value with my clients, for both themselves, but also for me and being able to kind of spread that practice of vulnerability into the world.

And I’ve seen monumentous changes in their lives as far as like, all of a sudden getting up and moving, and finally doing these things that they’ve always wanted to do, because they’re realizing the only thing holding them back is themselves. And I also want to now take it to a group aspect where I want to be doing vulnerability workshops. So I’m super excited. I’m going to be hosting my first one in August where I’ll be doing a Vulnerable AF workshop and it’ll be an opportunity for people to go through a series of prompts and questions. And I’ll connect with other people who are interested in this type of work as well in a safe space. And we can really dive deep into different aspects of yourself that maybe you haven’t had a chance to explore. So I’m super excited to continue this work and dive deeper and deeper into it and share it with others.

Marie: Uh, I love it so powerful. Literally people can come get their life with you, get it together, find themselves, be fully expressed, Vulnerable AF. I love it. So tell us, I know you also have had a major life transition in these last couple months. Can you share?

Arielle: Sure, sure – notice a little bassinette in the back, but I had a baby, I made a little human boy. He’s super sweet and that was awesome. That was a huge, huge shift for me, not just in my physical space as well, clearly, but, from my emotional and psychological space, like I was very attuned to this pregnancy. It was all natural. It was super quick. I’m so thankful had I labored at home. So, so almost had him at home. It was great, and I’m so thankful.

Marie: Oh my goodness. And so of course I have to ask, what have you discovered about your boundaries now that you have – now that this is your second child at home.

Arielle: So, you know, like everyone, I’m home with, now a two months old, and a five year old, and a husband and a mother, all in one space. And being all together, especially with my son now here, I have had to fast track into declaring what my boundaries are and implementing them. Which has been a struggle for me my whole life. But now I’ve been truly able to first, start to really recognize what they are and express what my needs are, which is huge. And then not only just say like, okay, this is what I need. And then I’m aware of it and then don’t do anything about it. I’m now learning how to actually speak to my husband, like, Hey, I’m not feeling it right now. I need you to take him for a little while so I can take a nap or shower or whatever. I’m no longer afraid to really speak up for what I need and create those boundaries. And to know that, to do that doesn’t mean I’m a bad mother or I’m weak. That was part of that crazy internal dialogue that would happen, like moms, to do it all, to be a supermom, means you know what you need and you ask for it.

Marie: Oh, I love that. Right? Like we don’t have to feel guilty about taking a nap!

Arielle: Not anymore. I need that nap or else everyone is going to suffer.

Marie: Yeah, take the nap or you’ll be sorry. Right. Everyone will be sorry. I love it. So every time I interview people, I love to do like a quickfire round. So I have some questions for you and we’ll just see what comes off the dome. Okay? So Arielle, what’s your favorite place?

Arielle: Like in the world? This is the psychological analytical – the beach. Let’s go with that.

Marie: Beautiful. What’s the sound of your favorite animal?

Arielle: Bird. Like chirping. Sweet chirping.

Marie: Okay. Chocolate or vanilla?

Arielle: Depends. I’m going with vanilla.

Marie: Okay. I realized as soon as I asked her, I’m like, are you still, are you still vegan?

Arielle: No.

Marie: Oh boy. A different conversation. Okay, pool or ocean?

Arielle: Pool.

Marie: Okay. Coffee or tea?

Arielle: Coffee. This is hard.

Marie: These are the easy questions! What about the thing that you like most about yourself?

Arielle: I like that I’m super, super honest and authentic when I’m in my friendships.

Marie: Oh, that’s juicy. I like it. Okay. And then finish the sentence – in 2020, you will be free from…..?

Arielle: Self doubt and guilt.

Marie: Nice. Beautiful. Oh my goodness. So everyone, if you’re listening and you have questions, feel free to drop them in the chat if we don’t answer them now. Because we got that delay with all of our tech pieces. We can definitely come back to the thread and answer them later. Feel free to tag me and Arielle so we know that you’re there. And then, Arielle, let people know if they want to connect with you, find out more about your Vulnerable AF workshop, where can they go? How can they reach out to you?

Arielle: Yeah. I’ll definitely be posting things on my Instagram, which is arielle4serenity. that’s A R I E L L E. And I can also be reached at my email, which is, iamsimplyarielle@gmail.com

Marie: Nice. Beautiful. And when is this workshop? Your Vulnerable AF – when is the workshop?

Arielle: Right now I have a tentative date of Sunday, August 2nd.

Marie: Okay. We’ll have time.

Arielle: Yeah, we have time. Be on the lookout for that. It’ll be virtual the tougher than notice

Marie: Because science people, because science. So yeah, definitely as soon as that’s up, we’ll definitely post that event here in the group, so people know about it too. You can find Arielle and get your vulnerability on. But thank you, Arielle, so much for being here and being a part of this interview. And everyone, if you have questions, please drop them in the chat and hopefully we’ll see you all soon.

Arielle: Thank you so much. This is so much fun. Remember, this is my first live. So let me know how I did.

Marie: Yeah, drop some claps. and say Yass Girl in the chat, so Arielle knows that she is fully validated and all of her bossness.

Arielle: Thank you. Yes. I’m a words of validation, affirmation love language.

Marie: Oh, that’s your love language? That’s so funny you say that – my love language has shifted over time and I very much appreciate the words of service, the acts of service and the affirmation. Yeah. All right. That’s all for this month’s live at lunch. Thanks everyone for joining. And we’ll talk to you soon.


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