No Drama In My Life

I have a burn list going now for the last 60 days. It’s the end of the year so as soon as October came I was all about going drama free, and maximizing what I want out of 2017. This came about in direct response to an excess of drama from certain members of my family.

Some may find that December makes being drama free impossible. When others impose their emotional baggage on you, it can be tempting to submit to it. Solutions require emotional and mental effort to conjure. And when those solutions don’t bring results for you, your goals, or your growth and learning as a human being, it is best to proceed with caution. To assist in remembering this truth and keeping self care a top priority, I literally drafted a list of 100 other things I would rather be doing and then I tucked the list away.

The Q4 Drama Free Burn List

By November 1, a third of the list had been completed without me even thinking about it. And now December is here and I’m at about 44% complete. But the fact that so many of these items are achieved without me truly studying the list made me realize that most mompreneurs are probably thinking about the same things. So why not share the love? After all, there is great satisfaction in crossing off to do items you didn’t even think to give yourself credit for. The burn list has been truncated to the top 31 most generic items (let’s not get crazy people). And much of the list is in activity that will help you cast your 2017 vision.

Black woman relaxing on mariedevaeux.com as she follows the 31 day mompreneur drama free December checklistAnd before everyone gets their panties in a twist about about all the changes they’re gonna make next year, why not finish this year with those final touches on your current transformation?

So here it is.The mompreneur end of year, no drama, burn list. Let me know how many you are immediately checking off. It will feel great knowing that you’ve accomplished so much . . . just by being you.

The List

  1. Write a blog post
  2. Take your kids to the playground
  3. Review your last 12 months of income and expenses and start 2018 projections
  4. Build your mailing list by xxxx
  5. Update your testimonials page
  6. Do some yoga/meditation/writing
  7. Get a massage/mani/pedi/your hair done
  8. Grab a sitter and go out for date night
  9. Read your Bible
  10. Learn something new on Lynda.com or Hubspot.com
  11. Get that housekeeper (if only for one day)
  12. Menu plan
  13. Breathe
  14. Schedule a call with your coach
  15. Create your vision board for 2018 (or at least Q1)
  16. Follow up with clients with a holiday tickler that you’re still doing the damn thing
  17. Call a friend and have a real conversation
  18. Double down on retirement investments (plan to max out by April 15!)
  19. Send some thank you notes
  20. Connect with xx new people in LinkedIn
  21. Plan a free festive family outing (See the Rockefeller tree, Dyker Heights Christmas lights)
  22. Host a live session on social media
  23. Teach your kid(s) something new
  24. Holiday shopping
  25. Go to a community board meeting
  26. Rewrite your weekly schedule of routines
  27. Earn some extra cash by having a “yard sale” online (Hello Facebook Marketplace)
  28. Read a book
  29. Swap out clothes for Winter
  30. Have some ice cream
  31. Take a nap

What do you think? Did I hit the highlights? Notice it’s not all work. There’s taking care of business, and then there’s taking care of you! Where will you focus the final leg of your 2017?


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