Today we’re talking about the top 5 ways to optimize and leverage your LinkedIn Business Page, so you can grow and expand your small business. We’re doing all things brand identity this month, getting your niche clarified, identified, and magnified in the month of March. I’m super excited because one, it’s Pisces season. Not into astrology, but I am into my birth 🙂 So I’m super excited about my March birthday, and so I’m all about identity in the month of March anyway, so why not come on that journey with me?

I know many people, especially business owners now, are like, “Well, if I’m going to do social media, it’s all about Facebook.” Facebook is all up in people’s business. They have these great cheap ads that you can run, all of this good stuff. But the truth is, as a business person, if you’re not on LinkedIn, then what are you doing? Because it’s the platform for business social media.

In this post, I’m going to give you some nuggets that you can implement right away so that you can be really optimizing your LinkedIn Business Page and leveraging it as a tool as you grow your business.



Implement these 5 Ideas into your LinkedIn Business Page

1. Update your Profile Image

The first thing that really helps you leverage LinkedIn is making sure that you’re representing yourself really well. And of course, the first thing people see when they meet you is your face. The first thing people see when they go to your LinkedIn page is that profile image. And so you need to make sure it looks super professional, that you’re engaged. You want it super close-up so people can really look into your eyes and feel like they’re connected with you.

A lot of people make the mistake of jumping on LinkedIn and thinking, “I’m just going to put this thing together real quick.” And then you end up picking a picture of you and your best friend at a bar, and then you think if you just crop people out, it’ll look okay. And again, if we’re talking about your brand, is that how you want people to think of you when they think of sending you work?

If you want to project an image of being professional, knowledgeable, wise and put together, that’s the picture that should be on your profile.

Do you want them to think of you hanging out at the bar, or do you want to send images of you being very professional and knowledgeable and wise and put together? And if that’s the image you want to send, then that’s the picture that should be on your profile.

Make sure you’re using great images. Not just in your profile image, but also start thinking about that background banner that you get, too. How can that be representative of who you are and what you’re about?

2. Use SEO Optimization to help your People Find you

The second way to leverage your LinkedIn Business Page is to make sure that you’re using some SEO optimization on your page. SEO stands for search engine optimization, so that means you need to make sure that when people are scrolling through the LinkedIn database it’s easy to find you. You can do that by using keywords or phrases that people would be searching for if they wanted your services.

Now, it’s kind of a backwards way to think about this, because, you’re thinking, “oh, these are all the things I’m good at. I’m going to put it all in there.” But that’s not typically how people go about finding you. I am a leadership and an executive coach, and so when I think of how people search for someone with that skillset, here’s what they might be thinking. “Hey, I’m feeling stuck. What do I do next? How do I get help? How do I get unstuck from where I am professionally, or career-wise? I need some type of transition. I need to think about climbing the ladder. Maybe I want to start a business…”

Marie Deveaux Business Coach - How to Leverage Your LinkedIn Business PageIf that’s what my ideal client is thinking about, then on my LinkedIn profile page, I should have words in there like leadership coaching, small business transitions, entrepreneurship, women transitioning, work life balance, get unstuck. I could add them in my actual description of who I am or what I do, or in my skills and specialty section. These are phrases that people might be searching for when they’re looking for someone who has my particular skillset. So I’m going to include those and find creative ways of incorporating that. Maybe in how I describe both my career path and my mission, as well as some of the specialties and things that I bring to the conversation. That’s the second thing, SEO optimization. Use those words in your LinkedIn Business Page that will help people find you.

3. Drop some Knowledge

This one is really easy because it’s a social media platform. The only thing you need to do to demonstrate expertise is to post. And that could be posting as articles. LinkedIn is a great place to make sure you have professionally written articles that are attached to your profile. And if you’re already blogging, that’s a nice way to cross promote some of your existing content.

You could also just post, just like you would on any other platform, a status update or something of that nature. Because you want to be intentional about what your brand represents, make sure when you’re posting as a status that it is something value-adding. Also make sure it shows your expertise and the value you bring to potential clients.

And the last thing I’ll say on just dropping knowledge is that LinkedIn also has a great platform for professional groups and networking groups. And so joining targeted niched down communities can be a great way to share knowledge. You’d also meet other people who can help you build your business, your brand as you continue your journey as a professional.

4. Sync up Everything

When you first start your LinkedIn account, it’s going to ask for your email address. The more emails that you add to your LinkedIn profile, the more it will scroll through your networks to find all of the people who are affiliated with each of those email addresses.Marie Deveaux Business Coach - How to Leverage Your LinkedIn Business Page

Maybe you started with a college email and then you got a Hotmail account, and then you again got a Gmail account and maybe you had a work email address. If you attach all of those into your profile, and let LinkedIn look through those contacts, that helps build your network and your affiliations. You don’t have to have all of those email accounts as your primary contact. So if people are able to email you from LinkedIn, you don’t have to make each one of those where that email goes, but you do want to sync them. You’re making sure that everyone you’ve encountered in various aspects of your life can connect with you on LinkedIn. And that’s a nice way to filter through the connections that you’ve had over various stages of your career.

5. Check in on a regular basis

If you want LinkedIn to work for you, you do have to check in a little bit. I’m not saying every day unless that fits your life. Check in and see your alerts. Send the happy birthday wishes and the happy anniversary, or work anniversary wishes. But maybe once a week you just set aside 20 minutes in your calendar to go into LinkedIn, see what’s going on, comment on some things, post a couple status updates, drop in a live video, etc. Make sure that you’re engaging and showing up and being present.

Most people aren’t checking LinkedIn every day, but if you have consistent content that’s showing up, then when people do pop in, they’ll be able to see what you’re doing. And that keeps you top of mind for your area of expertise when people actually need you.

Here’s a FREE resource for you:

So those are my five ideas to implement on your LinkedIn Business Page. Optimize your LinkedIn with images, search engine optimization, dropping some knowledge, syncing your emails, and checking on a regular basis. That’s it.

Here’s a freebie if you want to deep dive on how to really make your profile pop:

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I highly recommend you check that out, and I hope it helps. Still unsure of how to make LinkedIn work for you? Message me/link me on LinkedIn and I guarantee I’ll come check you out!

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