I shared a post not too long ago for 20 ideas for blowing up your Side Hustle spot, even when you have a full time job. That post was crazy long, so I had to cut it at the top ten. But if you are still eager to get your hands into some serious marketing magic, here is 11-20 of that monster list.

Enjoy and let me know what you do so I can spread the love about your biz too!


#11. Start a Facebook Group

This one is pure genius. Facebook changed its mission statement to be about creating community, and then it changed is algorithm to reflect that. Business Pages on FB are pretty much dead. You should still have a Business page as a business owner, because that’s what is going to allow you to run ads on the platform, but in terms of connecting with your audience, adding value and staying tuned into what your followers want and need, for that you need a community or a group.

FB groups can help build the know/like/trust factor that helps people when it comes time to sell.

You get to be exactly who you are in a venue of your own design. When you do groups right, it doesn’t feel like a ton of work (it is when you start because you gotta get people talking) but for the most part you are just showing up, sharing your knowledge and expertise, and then asking a lot of “what do you think about. . .?” Amazeballs.


#12. Send a Meaningful Newsletter

I have a few friends who do the whole Christmas letter thing. I didn’t really get it the first few times I received them because it’s pretty different from just receiving a card. Instead of that meaningless “season’s greeting” that comes with a card you recycle in 4 weeks, a letter is something that has multiple pieces for people to dig into. And the good news is, you don’t mind digging in because the letter only comes once a year.

Your newsletter probably should come more than once a year, but when you write to your side hustle audience, make sure it’s juicy.

Those who are on the high tides mailing list know, you’re only getting a blast if there’s a bunch of news and stuff to check out. The regular hum drum, new post stuff, that’s more of a generic alert. But a newsletter is exciting. I’m even subscribed to one that calls itself “Notes on the Refrigerator (because a newsletter sounds like spam).” Make it your own with lots of personality and value so folks are looking forward to opening it up the first time just as much as the next time, and the time after that.


#13. Podcasting for your Side Hustle

How to run a marketing blitz for your business, even as a side hustle? How to get the word out even with a full time job? with Marie Deveaux, Finance CoachEverybody and their mama is starting a podcast these days. And the truth is, it’s not that hard to do. You have a laptop, get a yeti mic and download some free software like Audacity and boom, you have a side hustle podcasting studio. The great thing about podcasting is you don’t have to write (that’s a good thing if writing is not your thing). You can talk about your topic/area of expertise for 30-40-60 minutes and then send it off to Fiverr to be edited, add bumpers and make it pretty. And now the medium is so popular there are tons of resources for you to self-publish and make that your recurring value-add that positions you as an expert in your field.


#14. Write a Book

It can seem like a lot but writing a book is a great way to establish yourself as an expert on just about anything. And it doesn’t have to take an immense amount of time to produce either. With resources like rev.com at your disposal you could autodictate for an hour, have rev transcribe the text for you and then hire an editor to do the formatting. Pretty sure you can speak 100 pages in about an hour if it’s something you are passionate about.

From there you can get a graphic designer to make it pretty with graphics and a cover so you have a shiny new downloadable ebook or, if you’re feeling extra sassy, over the weekend, you send that manuscript to a hybrid publisher. Boom. In 8 weeks you’re on Amazon. Plus having that tool available in digital format (hello ebook) is a great way to start a conversation or send someone a free gift that is packed with a lot of value.

#15. Get Testimonials

Even before you land your first paid client, I guarantee you have some testimonials you have not tapped. Roll up on your mom, best friend, sister and everyone else who has been enjoying your products and services up to this point (likely for free) and ask them to write you a review. Even if these folks haven’t tested your goods and services, this is the perfect opportunity to use them as guinea pigs, practice your craft, and then make sure you get a review about the experience.

The great thing about reviews is that you can capture the good, the bad and the ugly. You toss the ugly (nobody likes trolls). You make bad better and tweak your services. And the good? You blast that in your newsletter and on social media as proof of concept to the world that yes, you are indeed awesome.

Looking for the best way to ask for these testimonials? I find the question, “How would you describe it/me/the product/experience to a friend?” works wonders.


#16. Ask for Referrals

Sometimes friends and family have a hard time going from getting your goods for free to shelling out the hard-earned coins. But one way they can help you is by referring others. Ask people to help you out by sending their colleagues, friends and associates your way for business. And when you ask, try to get specific names of people that they think would be a fit so that you can follow up and ask about each potential person by name.


#17. Host a Workshop for your Side Hustle

This one sounds like a lot of work, but is actually a super easy way to produce an evergreen asset. If you are in the business of consulting or selling your expertise or knowledge, hosting a workshop is a great way to get what’s in your brain out into the world. Also by having a workshop, you can see how your content lands for others and make adjustments in the moment. Have a small group over at your home, community center, friend’s office place, or the church basement, and video-record everything. Next thing you know, you have the script for your first eBook/online course/podcast. All of which make for great free gifts as you work to attract an audience.

The great thing about workshops is that you get to connect with your ideal client in real life and time.

People get to experience you first hand and at the end of the workshop you have an opportunity to turn that into a coffee chat/free consult to see if there’s potential to work together one-on-one, or to offer your workshop to their group/team/organization. Either way, you are getting the word out about your side hustle.


#18. Volunteer to Speak at Events

Similar to workshopping, speaking at other people’s events is a great way to spontaneously create content and attract new leads, or build your side hustle network. The other great thing about events is they always need more speakers. Whether paid or not, offering to lead a breakout session at a local conference, or speak on the main stage is a great way to get your brand out in front of a lot of people at once.

Not into speaking for free? Trust, it’s not really free so much as it is a barter for marketing and exposure. Negotiate to leave your free white paper, or flyer about downloading your eBook, or have copies of your real book (if you wrote one) available for sale. Most speakers also get the opportunity to sell from the stage or make an offer at these events, if there is not a set fee, and that can often lead to greater returns than the honorarium anyway.


#19. Create a free resource and give it to everyone you know, as a gift

How to run a marketing blitz for your business, even as a side hustle? How to get the word out even with a full time job? with Marie Deveaux, Finance CoachAh yes, remember all the evergreen assets you created by recording your workshops? This is where you turn it into a product and wow people. Yes, you should absolutely get the raw brain dump edited, but with some formatting and some stock photos, you now have a snazzy resource. You can blast that out to your email list, or send as part of a newsletter mailing, or even just make available on social media. It’s another way to show people what you know and having it codified (packaged up all pretty) – makes it easy for folks to refer you to others and even share the knowledge with others.


#20. Announce on FB and then tag 20 people who love you and ask them to share the good news

Tried and true. How could I forget the Facebook post with a gazillion tags. I’m not a big fan of this one but it does work. You can make a simple announcement on Facebook, maybe a status update or a link to your free resource and then tag a bunch of folks who 1) love and care about you and 2) are centers of influence for your niche/know some people. Then you just DM or text them on the side asking them to like/repost/share with their network. By tagging them, you already are increasing your reach and if you have something to offer (like a free consult) it’s a great way to attract some new connections.


So there you have it, my top 20 ways to market your side hustle. Which ones appeal to you? Do share in the comments below!

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