As a consultant and coach, you may find that you are limited in the amount and quality of service you can give your clients by the number of hours you can physically work with them. In the transformation business, we know that lasting change requires time and consistent effort. But what do you do for the clients who want to accelerate their results and are short on time?


Enter VIP Day. A VIP Day allows you to concentrate resources into a single client without the draining overflow of working on a project continuously. By blocking out dedicated time to attack and complete a single project or goal, you and your client benefit from collapsed time frames.

What is a VIP Day?

High Tides VIP DayA VIP Day is a concentrated consultation day that is focused around one big project or initiative. The goal is to provide a dedicated day of services, focused on one of the clients’ core objectives. Instead of an unstructured ask me anything session, a VIP Day is a highly planned out and structured experience designed to make sure the client has everything they need to create and execute on one of their high priority goals, with the added support of your real time feedback.

The client gains clarity and completes a milestone that might be out of reach if planned for over an extended period. They’ll be able to work on the most important shift that needs to happen right now – whatever that may be.

In thinking about what to offer in an VIP Day, this should include all of the features and benefits that you already feature in your business. At High Tides, our core entrepreneurship coaching clients come to us for specific objectives, and we can then provide resources for them to start and fully complete those strategic plans in one of our VIP Day offerings.

Likely Services:

  • Marketing/Branding Strategy
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping
  • Contracts
  • Grant Writing
  • P&L Statements
  • Coaching
  • Systems Setup
  • Writing/Editing
  • Product Development/Launches
  • SOPs and Operating Manuals


Why You Should Offer A Vip Day

A VIP Day is beneficial to your business for a few reasons:

  • Quick cash infusion – packages can start at 150% your daily rate (this is because it includes a full day of your time, plus a good amount of assessment, preparation and follow up for your client)
  • Repeat Customers – Systematize the process to repeat for future clients
  • New customers – Escalate goals of new customers in a short period of time
  • That saves time! – just what every business wants because time is money (Like Masterclasses, VIP Days offer a concentrated experience in a time frame that produces immediate value for your clients)

Why A Client Chooses a VIP Day

A VIP Day is an opportunity to get in-depth guidance from a coach, consultant, or service provider. An average coaching engagement may be a 6-month process where the consultant is working with the client to integrate their project deliverable over a longer period of time. Often time after a session, it is up to the client to find additional space to implement the new action items and details of the strategy independently.

If your client would rather leave a session with the strategy complete, and no need to block additional time for action items and post session work, then what they are craving is a VIP Day.

Who is a VIP Day for?

The VIP Day is for anyone who knows they need to make a business change but needs some serious accountability to get things done in a short amount of time. For people who struggle to plan or think strategically, a VIP Day can be a way to transfer the consultant’s knowledge to them and put the plans in place in one day, rather than a drawn-out month to month process.

Plan For Success

VIP Days come at a higher ticket price for a reason: There is a lot of preparation and follow up that goes into making the day a success. When setting up your VIP Day, consider these elements

  1. Your bandwidth – In order to offer a client a full day of your attention, you don’t need to just block off your entire day, you will also need to block off time to prep for their agenda and provide follow up after the session. Most consultants offering VIP Day services only host a small handful of these events per month because of the intense preparation and follow up involved.
  2. Make it different – Shaking things up can be the difference between stagnation and evoking transformation. If your commonplace is sitting behind a desk, get your client out into nature for a hike. If meeting IRL, order a nice lunch for the midday break and incorporate movement exercises and healthy snacks to keep energy high throughout the day.
  3. Plan – Know ahead of time what the agenda will be for your client. Will you design an assessment beforehand? Have a pre-VIP Day planning meeting with the client? A post VIP Day follow up call or notes? All of these activities will eat into your time, so plan accordingly. Can you send your client the tools and workbooks you will be using in advance? Mailing a binder or sharing a digital folder in advance of the session to help keep everything in one place is a smart way to keep your client on track for the day of.

Need a VIP Day?

If you are thinking of planning a VIP Day or are ready to make a major shift in your business, reach out to the High Tides team for a Magnify Your Impact Discovery. In a complimentary session, a High Tides coach will explore what your current business challenges are and offer some suggestions for your next best business moves.

We offer one on one and group coaching experiences, as well as VIP days for clients who are looking to collapse time frames and accelerate their entrepreneur transformations. Book a session to speak to a coach.


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